Lance Michael Salon Owner Lance Diehl Talks Men’s Haircare and Style

According to Lance Diehl, individuality is the name of the hair game for men in the valley. As the owner of Lance Michael Salon in Glenwood Springs he’s spent almost two years helping locals discover what styles best suit their unique tastes and features.

“Recently there’s been a shift toward individuality. For men especially, it’s about figuring out what’s going to work for that particular guy—and taking lifestyle, face shape, hair type, and other factors into consideration,” Diehl says. “It’s not just about trends.”

Diehl originally hails from Iowa, where he began his career in Des Moines at a busy upscale salon owned by prominent stylist and entrepreneur China Wong.

“She kind of took me under her wing,” he recalls of his early years after finishing beauty school. “I was so fortunate to work with someone who was building her own business. I got to be in the trenches with her, and see and learn what it looks like to start a business and grow it into something much bigger.”

Diehl worked closely with his mentor for a decade, becoming Aveda certified and later specializing in color. He was also part of an editorial team that developed their own collections twice a year, even taking their art to competitions such as the North American Hairstyling Awards. When Diehl relocated to Colorado a few years ago, he hoped to continue a similar professional path. After getting a feel for several area salons by ‘secret shopping’ as a client, he didn’t quite find what he was truly looking for in a workplace.

“I definitely found some great places, but not what I came from and had a vision for,” Diehl says. “I hadn’t initially planned on opening my own salon right away, but after visiting the others I felt like there was a missing puzzle piece that I could offer in the valley. So that led me to just pulling the trigger and doing my own thing.”

Lance Michael Salon opened in November 2016, and within months Diehl had hired three additional stylists to work with him. He also recently hired a guest relations director to help keep the business running smoothly. Tucked away at 715 Grand Avenue in the alley beside Smoke Modern Barbeque, the salon occupies a quiet, charming corner of downtown Glenwood’s bustling commercial district. Diehl and his crew offer a menu of hair services for both women and men; he says that working with the latter can be both challenging and rewarding.

“It’s great to have more variety so I love having male clients. It can be a lot of opposites here—a lot of men have long unkempt styles while others do really tailored looks. We’re a little away from the mainstream, which can be a good thing, so guys just have the mindset of what they like and know,” he observes. And as for facial hair? “So many men wear full beards here,” Diehl adds. “We do beard trims, shaping, and grooming at the salon. Beards can really alter your face shape if you don’t keep them tight and shaped to accentuate your best features.”

If he could offer one tip to every guy in the valley, Diehl would sum it up in a word: Consistency.

“I wish men would stay more consistent in their routines,” he says with a laugh. “Keeping their styles up, and keeping facial hair groomed and tailored. And also being more open to working with product. Men would be amazed at the difference this makes for their appearance.”

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