A New Luxury Activewear Line By Local Yogi-Entrepreneur Brittany Van Domelen

Business owner, mother of twins, fitness queen, clothing designer: Brittany Van Domelen is defined by many roles. The Basalt native and owner of the popular upvalley yoga/pilates studio O2 Aspen seems to be one of the lucky locals who’s figured out how to “have it all,” balancing life’s demands like a pro while still reserving a little space to dream up future goals and endeavors.

Long before purchasing O2 from its previous owner in 2015, Van Domelen spent her formative years as an active midvalley kid. She eventually left Colorado for New York City (and a job in product development for the Home Shopping Network), but has since returned to the valley full-time.

“When I was younger I skied, played sports, and was really active,” Van Domelen recalls. “It was an incredibly healthy way to grow up, which is why my husband and I decided to move back for our children. Now as an adult here I get to do all the things I did back then, plus yoga, pilates, and hiking. Those are all a huge part of life.”

As a typical active local herself, Van Domelen understands that Roaring Fork Valley women rarely engage in just one sport or physical activity. With this in mind she recently launched Artem by O2 Aspen, a line of luxury activewear essentials designed for women who bounce between multiple workouts in a given day.

“The transition of sport to sport is huge, so I wanted to create pieces that work for different activities,” she explains. “For example, a lot of people do a hike and then come to yoga. One great feature of our leggings are pockets, so you can carry your phone while hiking but they won’t get in the way of your yoga positions.”

In addition to Artem’s current collection of leggings and sport bras, Van Domelen will soon release new base layers that can transition from skiing to yoga and back again. She’s also busy building her e-commerce presence at O2Aspen.com, and preparing for the December launch of a second website, O2Life.com, which will feature lifestyle content and shopping opportunities.

Van Domelen says that these new ventures, coupled with O2’s recent relocation to Aspen’s downtown core, have helped truly make the business her own.

“I bought a business that I didn’t start, but that I felt was an amazing idea,” she says. “I love our model—people walk through the door for so many reasons, but they walk through retail first so they end up shopping. In our new location, walk-in traffic has exploded. My brand is in our top five in sales. Now this feels like my baby, like it’s really mine.”