Trucker hats. Puffy coats. Sport sandals. Duck boots. Yoga pants. Pom beanies. Plaid. More plaid. All sound familiar? Valley style just wouldn’t be valley style without ‘em.

Although locals do find plenty of reasons to clean up and don dressier apparel, our everyday street style is a mash-up of athletic gear, casual comfort, and a quirkiness all our own. In the following pages, Roaring Fork Lifestyle checks in with several locals who are energizing the look of the valley. You’ll meet footwear gurus, a skilled hairstylist, a clothing designer, and an artist whose work spurs environmental awareness through hats, bags, and other accessories. The through-line among their stories? That when it comes to what valley residents wear, we want things that can do double duty.

Our collective look is defined by something that’s more than the sum of its parts; we’re a little function, a little fashion, and a lot of mountain flair tying things together. Picture the fresh-from-hiking Carbondale girl with loose braids and a sun hat, the Glenwood office guy in dress pants and a Patagonia puffer, the Basalt woman strolling downtown in fitted denim and sturdy sandals. Our looks reveal where we’ve been, or where we’re going—and usually both of those places are located somewhere in the great outdoors. No fuss required.

Because who has time for fuss when there are mountains to climb?