Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love to imagine the millions of intrepid home cooks across the nation hitting their kitchens, armed with family recipes, bravely roasting the turkeys and rolling the pie crusts and buttering the potatoes. More importantly, I love sitting down with my own family and friends to eat and reflect on the gifts of the previous year together. A holiday wholly devoted to gratitude? That’s something to get behind.

I’m sure my family isn’t the only one that encourages declarations of thankfulness from each diner at the table. This Thanksgiving, nearly five months after the Lake Christine Fire erupted mid-valley, many of us locals will no doubt express appreciation for “the roofs over our heads,” as Nicolette Toussaint writes on page __________. There is healing in gratitude, whether it’s expressed at the large scale of community or in intimate moments of personal reflection. Photographer and breast cancer survivor Renee Ramge shares her powerful story this month on page ______, and offers wisdom we can all take to heart this season.

Last but certainly not least, Roaring Fork Lifestyle also invited chef Susie Jimenez to share some of her favorite Turkey Day recipes—but with a twist. What to do with your half gallon of leftover cranberry sauce? Hmm. Susie solves this and other leftovers conundrums on page _________.

This month is truly full of the good stuff, y’all: family, friends, food, and gratitude. Enjoy November’s riches.