Cheers to the Year

The season of reflection is upon us. While glittering lights, gift-giving, and parties galore can entertain us this month, I think of December as a time for some good old-fashioned rumination. Despite its glitz, this month begs asking that pesky perennial question: What have you done this year?

Meaning, what have you accomplished (or not)? What have you given, how much have you loved, who have you helped? Not to send anyone into a tailspin of existential dread! But seriously, I think it’s healthy to set aside a little time at the end of each year to reflect honestly on what we’ve done, and how we can improve.

When I look back on the stories Roaring Fork Lifestyle has featured in 2018, I feel immensely proud to live in a place where the people are truly engaged with life and with each other. We live surrounded by neighbors who give, love, and help—and yet still find time to dream, adventure, create, inspire, and celebrate. How lucky is the valley? If this monthly community magazine can bring the stories of even the tiniest percentage of our amazing local residents to the forefront, we hope to have fulfilled a purpose here.

With this in mind, what stories need spotlighting in the coming year? If you or someone in your circle has an amazing story that needs telling, we want to hear about it. Email me directly at and let’s chat.

Until the last speck of glitter has fallen on New Year’s Eve, may you reflect on 2018 with satisfaction and look toward 2019 with hope. Happy holidays, all!