At 180° Wellness, Clients Discover New Options On the Road to Better Health

In an age when traditional options for taking charge of your health can be overwhelming (and costly), many people find themselves wanting something different. It’s no surprise that alternative treatments, holistic practices, and nontraditional pain relief therapies have gained serious momentum in recent years—particularly here in the valley, where health care costs are high and locals’ desire for complete mind-body wellness even higher.

“I believe there is a need for other options, so that people can focus on prevention for a healthier, happier lifestyle,” says Cathy Lee, co-owner of Midland Fitness and 180° Wellness in Glenwood Springs. “I think it’s smart to find what works for you, even if it’s a combination of mainstream medicine and alternative therapies, so that you can reduce the effects of any current illnesses and also prevent future ones.”

It is this belief that inspired Lee and her business partners Jennifer Harbottle and Steve Wells, who have owned and operated Midland Fitness since 2013, to venture into the wellness field. Last year, the team remodeled a 2,600-square-foot space adjacent to the fitness center and in May 2018 celebrated the grand opening of 180° Wellness. The center now sees hundreds of clients per week for chiropractic work and many other services.

“Clients will often start with chiropractic, and then depending on what’s going on they’ll go through treatment with other services,” Lee says. “We see a very broad spectrum of people; some are clients of Midland Fitness, but others have come to us for other reasons. Some are battling cancer or are in recovery, some have been injured, and others just want to reduce stress or keep from getting sick.”

180° Wellness offers the services of four doctors—two chiropractors, an orthopedist, and an osteopathic doctor—and Lee plans to add additional specialists later this year. The center’s menu of services is growing, but currently includes such treatments as traditional and hydro-massage, plantar fasciitis care, blood analysis, humidified oxygen therapy, nutrition counseling, corrective exercise training, plus other more progressive offerings such as IV cocktails, thermography, and ozone steam sauna therapy.

“The ozone steam sauna is huge in Europe,” Lee reports. “And here in Colorado, at this altitude, people can be so depleted in oxygen. What we do with this machine, which works like a steam room and sauna together, is pump oxygen in so that ultimately your body detoxes from the inside out. So far, those who’ve used it have seen amazing results for treating a range of conditions.”

Lee adds that the thermography screening is another innovative service, and that 180° Wellness specializes in breast, thyroid, and carotid artery scans. Additionally, the various IV cocktails on offer from the center’s osteopathic doctor can help restore depleted nutrients to the body.

“Clients in normal health can choose from three cocktails for immune support, detox, and hydration,” Lee says of the vitamin and mineral-infused fluid blends. “Our doctor can create specialized cocktails for others with specific concerns.”

For anyone who is curious to know more about what the center offers and how it could benefit their health, Lee extends an open invitation to visit.

“We welcome anyone to just stop by, talk with our staff, say hello to our doctors, and ask questions,” she says. “We truly believe that you are in control of your own wellness, and that there doesn’t have to be one traditional path in health care. Do your research, ask for referrals, find out about what we do. We hope that through education, we can empower our clients to feel comfortable in their options.”



180° Wellness

100 Midland Avenue, Suite 280

Glenwood Springs