What makes a house a home? First are surely the people who live in it (followed closely by their pets, of course!). But beyond the love that a home’s family brings inside its walls, it seems that the sky’s the limit when it comes to making it their own—particularly here in the lower Roaring Fork Valley. From Glenwood to Basalt, every Victorian, Craftsman, townhome, cabin, condo, loft, ranch, studio, and mansion is unique; perhaps our collective “home” here in the valley is defined by that very individuality.

For our March issue, writer Suzanne W. Kirch had the chance to interview a few locals who are truly bucking norms as homeowners in south Glenwood’s growing tiny home community. Their comfortable lifestyles are proof that bigger doesn’t have to be better, and that much can be made of living small. Also encouraging us to do more with less this month is local real estate broker and valley native Carly Passchier, who shares insider tips on using what you have to stage your home effectively for potential buyers.

Many of us proudly tell anyone who’ll listen that we’d choose our corner of Colorado over everywhere else in the world, but the couple featured on p. ____ really do mean that—because they actually have. After spending many years abroad traveling and living in a kaleidoscope of countries, the Infantes have settled midvalley and are building a fascinating luxury textile business right in Basalt. Don’t miss their story.

Our homes are where we rest our heads, raise our families, express our personal style, and create memories that last throughout our lifetimes. Who knew that a roof and a few walls could mean so much?