Build the Perfect Gift for Your Guests with Local Products

The Essentials:

1. Snacks. Your guests will no doubt be hungry after a day of driving or flying (or both). Even if you’re planning a special meal soon after they arrive, providing them with a small nibble to keep in their room and munch on at their own discretion is a nice touch. And who wouldn’t love a bag of buttery indulgence from midvalley popcorn makers Too Haute Cowgirls?

2. Coffee. The valley is chock-full of fabulous coffee shops, so pick up a gift card at the spot closest to your home and encourage guests to pop in for their daily fix. Or, simply tuck a bag of locally-roasted beans into your gift basket and let them brew their own. Try Silt-based Mountain Mama Roasters, which also has a new shop inside the Riviera in downtown Glenwood.

3. Moisturizer. Dry mountain air can wreak havoc on the skin, particularly in winter for visitors who travel from humid climates. They’ll appreciate a luxurious body cream or hand lotion like Whipped Body Butter by Olga’s Organics, a USDA-certified organic skincare company founded in the valley in 2016.

4. A Local Treasure. In a community that’s home to so many artisans creating gorgeously unique products, the perfect welcome gift for a visiting guest will always be a locally-crafted item they can’t find anywhere else on earth. Carbondale’s nature-inspired Bee Happy Candles are a lovely option, offering beeswax creations molded into fruits, pinecones, flowers, and more. Find them on Facebook.

5. A Hand Towel. A beautiful textile can be used to line the bottom of the basket or simply rolled and tied with ribbon. This category of personal item conveys a host’s particular thoughtfulness, as it can be used as both a travel comfort and an elegant takeaway from a guest’s trip. Swing by Art on 8th in Glenwood to pick up a towel made by the local Mountain Valley Weavers.

6. Water. As locals, we know that one of the keys to feeling good at altitude is proper hydration. Since out-of-towners (particularly those from lower elevations) may not be aware of this tenet of mountain health, provide them with a reusable water bottle to help them remember to drink up. Many of the valley’s outdoor shops carry fun branded bottles that double as souvenirs, so be sure to opt for something with local flair.