Each year, springtime reminds me to pay attention. Just as the cold, dark, snowy months seem as if they’ll last forever, we get that day—you know the one—when we walk outside and suddenly just feel that something’s different. It stops us in our tracks. The sun shines a little brighter, the wind blows a little sweeter, and we regret leaving the house bundled in the silly down jackets we’ve worn since October. That day is the first sign of spring, regardless of what the calendar dictates.

Spring gives us a good shake of the shoulders, imploring us to rouse from winter inertia. This season is one big invitation to look around at all that’s sprouting, budding, and blooming around us, both literally and figuratively. In this issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle, we wanted to celebrate not only the earthly wonders popping out across the valley but also the efforts that locals are making to help sustain and protect them for the future.

You’ll hear from Seth O’Donovan, fresh from her heartfelt and nature-inspired work with The Guest House at Carbondale’s 13 Moons Ranch, who offers the story behind her vision for a new sustainable hospitality venture in Alaska. You’ll also learn about the art of home fermentation from one of the valley’s unsung heroes, Carla Farrand, who’s working to bring food preservation traditions back into our everyday lives. Can you imagine how delicious homemade sauerkraut from locally-grown cabbage must be? Check out her recipe on page _____ and start prepping your canning jars now. Last but not least, we also checked in with the crew behind Glenwood’s beloved community garden, which is currently tilling the soil of its 10th year.

So shed your coats, neighbors; dig in, give thanks for the season of renewal and its protectors, and relish that first warm(-ish!) day of spring. Greener times are ahead.