One of the Nation’s Few Women’s Recovery Centers Offers Hope and Healing in Glenwood Springs

Momenta Recovery has joined with 4Winds Farm to provide a sacred residential healing center for women. We have combined visions to provide an unmatched spiritual space for women to feel safe to begin their intensive healing process from the moment they step foot on the grounds. Both Momenta and 4Winds believe every being is in recovery from something; to us, recovery means a return to being whole. Partnering with 4Winds has allowed us to not only lead with love in everything we do, but provide community and experiential processes such as archery, tai-chi, yoga, hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, massage, rock climbing, mountain biking, and equine therapy along with a restorative spiritual experience that brings our clients to a place of serenity and wholeness.  

We chose to partner with 4Winds because we align with their philosophy on the construct of “linear thinking, circular being.” When we talk about linear thinking, we are referring to straight-line goal orientation. For many of us, this feels satisfyingly practical and targeted. But when you’re focused on the straight, confined highway in front of you, you compromise your peripheral view—which is to say, you miss most of what’s going on. Moreover, circular being allows us to learn from the environments we occupy. The seasons always come around again. True connection to ourselves and to the earth requires inviting our environment in rather than pushing it away, observing and connecting with natural cycles rather than artificially creating a track for humanity to traverse where the results are often dark and painfully clear.

At Momenta Recovery we believe every woman is not only worthy of recovery but is inherently capable of achieving it, and that struggling women have been woefully underserved. This common truth allows us to beautifully focus on healing for women, of all backgrounds, regardless of the nature of their suffering. We firmly believe in the importance of gender-specific treatment to provide a safe container for healing to occur. Our center was created to serve this important need in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.

In our work with female clients, we fervently believe that one of the key failings of the behavioral health industry lies in recognizing how addiction, trauma, and other mental health disorders are often innately connected to disrupted attachment. Attachment disorders are a broad category which describe mood, behavioral, and social relationship disorders which arise from turbulent or disruptive connections with a child’s primary caregiver in their early lives. Because of our unique understanding of the impact and importance of early childhood attachment we allow women to bring their children with them to treatment. Not only are we able to help women gain insight and healing of their own attachment wounds, we are able to fundamentally impact their children’s future as well. Becky Gordon, Momenta’s director of admissions and marketing, also serves as the co-founder of the Freedom Center, a nonprofit in Glenwood Springs. Under the Freedom Center umbrella is Aly’s House, a sober living home for mothers battling addiction. Becky’s passion for helping women in recovery is a source of great pride for all of us at Momenta.

Mental health and substance use disorders lead to isolation, and this isolation is where shame thrives. The antidote is clear: Healing occurs in community. We cannot do this alone, but together we can heal and move into lives of service, love, well-balanced productivity, and purpose. We become significant parts of the solution rather than contributors in the problems that ripple through communities across our nation.

Our philosophy at Momenta is simple: Lead with love while providing a safe, clinically sound environment for women to heal. Momenta’s treatment modalities include attachment therapy, DBT/CBT, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, nutritional counseling, relapse prevention, 12-step facilitation, life skills, shame resiliency, trauma resiliency, self-compassion, codependency and boundaries, healthy relationships, mindfulness and spirituality, and a very robust family program offering. Our clinical team provides world class care for women from both our local community and the nation as a whole.

We focus on rewriting the story we tell ourselves about who we are and where we fit in this world. We can put behind us the shadows and darkness of the disease of addiction and the stigma of mental illness. We do this through uncovering, discovering, and moving through life’s paralyzing experiences so we can discard them by moving our energy into the light of recovery.

Dirk Eldredge is the CEO and president of Momenta Recovery. He can be reached at 970.930.6355 or



“I arrived here in the valley hopeless and full of shame, certain that no person or place could ever help me. Thirty days later, I can wholeheartedly say that I found myself in a safe, secure, nurturing home—a place like none I have ever felt in my life. I am surrounded by staff and housemates who show me unconditional support and have taught me what love and true belonging really mean. I’m now 68 days sober, and continue to gather the tools, support, and healing offered by Momenta Recovery. I finally feel secure with this foundation for recovery, which I never thought possible for someone like me.”

— “JC,” March 2019