Aimee Cullwick Makes All-Female River Trip Dreams Come True

Aimee Cullwick

TITLE: Founder & Retreat Leader

COMPANY: Downriver Divas

HOME BASE: Carbondale


What’s the scoop on Downriver Divas?

Cullwick: “Downriver Divas provides transformational whitewater rafting retreats for women. Our multi-day river trips integrate opportunities for personal transformation and growth facilitated by the Downriver Divas team, including: nationally-recognized executive coaches, breath work specialists, yoga teachers, a retreat photographer, and all-female professional raft guides.”

Why do you feel women need a service like this?

Cullwick: “Women are craving opportunities to gather in a setting that inspires connection and the space to re-imagine one’s life from a new perspective. Multi-day river trips provide the perfect backdrop to bring women in tune with their feminine power, rediscover their creative wisdom, and celebrate sisterhood.”

What trip are you most looking forward to this season?

Cullwick: “I love our newest retreat, Graceful Leadership on the Main Salmon River in Idaho, August 15-22. The retreat invites women to manifest their greatest vision as a leader through a deep dive into feminine, embodied power. The Salmon River provides a stunning backdrop of fun rapids and vast sand beaches.”

What lessons can women take from the river into their own lives?

Cullwick: “The river helps us realign to the pace of the natural world. When we take time to attune to the flow of a river, we become aware of its pace and rhythm. On our retreats we are intimately connected to the river: floating its waters, camping on its banks, and practicing yoga on golden beaches. Attuning to the flow of the river helps women reconnect to their inner compass and intuition. The river also teaches women to experience inner beauty through the reflections of nature. Women are radiant on our retreats because they let go of societal expectations of how they should look and feel. On the river, we don’t need a mirror to feel beautiful—it’s reflected in the natural wonders around us. The most important lesson women take away from the river is how good it feels to laugh freely and openly in camaraderie with our tribe!”