A Father, a Son, and the Family Business Behind Murray Dental Group

Since 1976, Murray Dental Group has served patients from across the region. Here, Dr. Robert (Bob) Murray and his son Dr. John Murray, along with new partner Dr. Tim Huson, offer insight on their Glenwood Springs practice for Roaring Fork Lifestyle.


Dr. John, what’s one of your best memories of your father growing up?

Dr. John: I have many great memories of my dad while growing up of golfing and skiing, family trips, etc. But my favorite in the dental realm was as a young teenager, when I got to go into the office as his assistant for a late-night emergency. I don’t remember much about the procedure, except at one point when he was removing a large piece of decay loose in the mouth.  He quickly and calmly said “get that chunk,” which was my job as his assistant with the suction. It was an abrupt awakening to the world of dentistry, and also an insight into the Murray family way of dentistry. My dad was and is always available for patients in need. Long days and late nights, whatever it took to make sure people were taken care of and that things were done right.

When did you know you wanted to go into dentistry?

Dr. John: Honestly, I wasn’t totally sure I was going to go into dentistry until I was already in the thick of it. I went to college with an open mind and a class schedule filled with prerequisites to get into dental school. I found that I did really well and enjoyed the classes that most thought were the toughest, so I kept going. Before I knew it, I was three years in and taking the DAT, dental aptitude test. When I was accepted to the University of Colorado for dental school after only three years (just like my dad) I made the decision to follow in my father’s footsteps and make this my career.

Dr. Bob, what were your thoughts upon learning your son wanted to be a dentist?

Dr. Bob: Extreme happiness and excitement that he wanted to pick dentistry, and pride that he had the proper grades and completed the requirements to do so.

How have you established a family-focused environment in the office?

Dr. Bob: Proper diagnosis, quality treatment, respecting patients’ time by being on time ourselves, and treating patients the way we ourselves would want to be treated. This is accomplished by leading by example in our office policies, and in our team meetings. Our practice has also been supported by my wife Barb, John’s wife Mandy, and our family (parents, siblings, and children). In addition, we have many employees (that have become like family to us) that have been with us over 25 years who have helped establish this environment. Being able to do this as a partner with John is a privilege and joy that many people don’t get to experience. It makes me not want to ever retire.

Dr. John, what Murray family values will help you lead the practice into the future?

Dr. John: My dad has the strongest work ethic of anyone I know. He strives for the highest quality and always does the right thing for the patient, no matter what. He has taught me to do this and to remain humble and kind, almost to a fault. These are principles and values that we hope to instill in our children, our team, and certainly what we looked for and found with our new partner Dr. Tim Huson and his wife Dr. Erin Van Gundy.

Dr. Tim, what’s it like to join such a family-focused practice?

Dr. Tim: For me, the family-focused environment is invaluable, especially with regard to our patients and our dental family. It was imperative when looking for my dental home to find this, as I knew I wanted to become a partner in this type of practice. It is indispensable to work in a place where our patients can feel comfortable and know we treat them just as we do our own family; it’s also an environment where you truly enjoy working with the person next to you.

Finally, Dr. Bob, what are your thoughts on the legacy of Murray Dental Group in the community?

Dr. Bob: The goal going forward is to continue providing quality service, and stay on the forefront of techniques, technology, and materials that allow us to do the advanced dentistry that people need, while providing the quality that they deserve.



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