Summertime is magic. What makes it special for you? Maybe it’s outdoor festivals and live music, or farmers markets filled with fresh food and cheerful neighbors. Perhaps it’s picnicking with the kids after a nature hike, grilling with friends on warm Saturday nights, or gathering with family to celebrate the 4th of July.

If nature is what inspires you most, the magic of summer might be found in alpine meadow wildflowers or an epic afternoon thunderstorm observed from your porch. Many of you may experience it best when drizzled with a little adrenaline: river rafting, peak bagging, trail running, and mountain biking. Or, maybe you just love the way that late sunlight settles on Mt. Sopris every evening right before the stars come out. Sometimes, the sweetest joys of summer are also the simplest.

Whatever you relish most about this season, enjoy it to the fullest. A high country summer’s gentle alchemy is fleeting; that’s what makes it so extraordinary. We know that none of it is meant to last. Soon enough a chill will return to the air—but for now, we’ve still got time to soak up the sun.

Happy summer!

P.S. Our publisher Rick French and I would like to acknowledge Sue Collins, who has stepped in as Roaring Fork Lifestyle‘s editorial assistant for our July and August issues while I take maternity leave with my newborn son. Thank you Sue!