Roaring Fork School Board Vacancies

Applications are due August 18 for a vacancy on the Roaring Fork School Board created when Matt Hamilton resigned. The board and district leadership agree that the top priority is getting strong community leaders to run for and serve on the board through the election process. Three Roaring Fork Schools Board of Education seats will be on the November 5 ballot, each four-year terms, in Districts B, C and D. The application process for the November election begins on August 7 with all documents needing to be filed by August 30. If you are interested in running for office, we encourage you to reach out to Senior Project Manager Angie Davlyn for more information at or call 970.384.6001.

Aspen Mountain Film Festival Held August 21-25

“I am so pleased at the amazing lineup of films that our programming team has put together for the 2019 Aspen Mountain Film Festival,” says Wheeler Opera House Executive Director and Festival Producer Gena Buhler. “Each year our festival theme takes audiences on a journey to different countries, landscapes, and on adventures with amazing characters. This year, as we take a ‘Deep Dive,’ the films introduce us to incredible stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and then leave you wanting to act. Our newly rebranded festival will bring Colorado and World Premiere films to the big screen of the Wheeler Opera House, and across different Aspen venues, in addition to unique experiences inspired by the films themselves.” This year the festival offers three different pass options, allowing buyers to choose the best fit, while saving money. The always-popular PICK 3 PASS will allow you to to choose three mainstage programs for $60 or three lunch film programs for $75.

Future Conservationists Study

Roaring Fork Audubon sent three local children to a week-long Naturalist Camp to unplug and learn why it’s important to protect and defend the natural world and the wondrous animals we share it with. Congratulations to these three future conservationists: Madalynn of Glenwood Springs, Garrick of Carbondale and Hanna of Aspen. Roaring Fork Audubon will be sending more local kids to camps in the summer of 2020. Applications can be filled out at

Volunteers Heal 500 Acres

Earlier this summer, 300 volunteers came together with Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the Roaring Fork Conservancy to heal the burn scar in the Basalt State Wildlife Area. Last year’s devastating Lake Christine Fire forced the evacuation of thousands of residents and burned 12,600 acres above Basalt, Colorado. Even with last year’s reseeding efforts via aircraft and machinery, nearly 500 acres were left unseeded. Saturday morning began early with a hearty pancake breakfast. Volunteers in that ambitious group ranged in age from under four to over 70 years. They were handed five-pound burlap bags of seed – a native mix including mountain mahogany, muttongrass, penstemon, and prairie junegrass. The volunteers were separated into crews and set out across 500 acres, both on foot and in the beds of trucks. After hours of hiking across varied terrain, carefully spreading and covering seeds, the seed bags were emptied and the rock dams were in place. See our Good Times page for photos. Go to to find out how you can help.

Bilingual Group Hikes in August

Wilderness Workshop hikes are taking participants into the heart of areas WW is working to protect. Hikers will experience our public lands and come to understand the threats that they face; oil and gas development, logging and housing projects, and the impacts of increased recreation. This year WW is pleased to offer hikes in both Spanish and English as part of the Defiende program. Upcoming treks include: Thompson Divide bike (August 10) and Homestake Ridge Hike (August 17).