Admit it: the back-to-school aisles are fun to poke through, even for us adults. I’m convinced that a particular delight lives among the stacks of clean notebooks and folders, crayon boxes, markers, glue, and glitter (oh, the glitter!). Local kids who go to pick out supplies this month probably won’t be feeling any No. 2 pencil-inspired nostalgia for years to come, but when we as their parents or grandparents approach those aisles, it’s hard not to be transported for a moment back to our own school days.

This month, as the young people in our community transition from the carefree days of summer to the structure of the new school year, Roaring Fork Lifestyle hopes to salute the hard work they’ll be putting into academics, sports, and extracurriculars across the valley. If your little one is just starting out, Angie Davlyn of Roaring Fork Schools shares helpful answers to parents’ commonly-asked questions about kindergarten on page _____. Some of our amazing young artists are spotlighted on page ____ as recipients of the Redstone Art Foundation’s scholarship program, and Colorado Mountain College’s mascot Swoop serves up encouragement to stay in school on page _____. And if you’ve been searching for a better way to capture each of your kiddos’ milestones, from birth to high school graduation, check out photographer Katie Giglio’s gorgeous work on page ______.

Students, go forth and make us proud this year. (And parents, I’ll see you in the back-to-school aisle.)