“Community” is a word you’ll hear a lot in our valley, and for good reason. Our collective need for a life deeply engaged with our neighbors is one of the things that makes this corner of Colorado so great; it’s a hallmark of our identity here, and I daresay it’s more important to us than even the mountains and rivers. 

We value togetherness, supporting those in need, and attempting to understand those who are different from us. We don’t always get it right—in a place with so many passionate people, how could we?—but we do recognize that the path to a better community starts simply with the desire to have one.

Our September issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle offers stories of connection to our history, our culture, and each other—because when it comes down to it, this is what community is all about. There would never be enough pages to spotlight every last community-building effort in the valley, but we hope the ones you find here inspire you to continue seeking out ways to connect with others.

To the leaders, locations, and organizations that bring us together: this one’s for you.