History Repeats Itself

We gathered in the dark at 12th Street and Bennett, lanterns in hand, preparing to embark on a walk to Glenwood’s pioneer graveyard, Linwood Cemetery. It was a brisk October evening, and the chill in the air helped quicken our pace up the rocky hillside toward the final resting places of many of the valley’s first European settlers. What during…

A pARTy at the Art Base

The Art Base's phenomenal 2017 pARTy and 10x10 Name Unseen silent auction raised funds in August for a new Art as Healing program, Colorado-based artist exhibitions, arts in the schools, community outreach programs for the at-risk and underserved, and scholarships for kids' and adults' education programs. Photography by Jeremy Swanson.

A Great Moment in Living History

We all recently lived through a great historical moment: the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. I’m sure I am not the only person in the country who ran around early on that Monday morning trying to find those stylish cardboard eclipse glasses, which I never did procure. You’d think there would have been sidewalk hawkers selling them for $20…

October 2017 Around Town

The Basalt Education Foundation invites the community to save the date for this year's Taste of Basalt, taking place on Saturday, November 4 from 6-11 p.m. at the Roaring Fork Club. The affair features food samples from area restaurants; wine, beer, and cocktail tasting; DJ dancing; and a silent auction and raffle. The midvalley’s most anticipated autumn social event raises…

Dance, Sculpture, and Sound: “Nature in Translation”

Nature In Translation, a new work commissioned by Wilderness Workshop and choreographed by Alya Howe, premiered at the home of artists James Surls and Charmaine Locke on September 15. The cast performed to a soundscape by Mateo Sandate, David Starbear Avalos, David Alderdice, and Olivia Pevec. Photography by Alya Howe.

Giving It a Wurl(itzer)

“Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.” When former U.S. President Ronald Regan made this statement, he could very well have been recalling the days of his childhood, when silent films were brought to life by the accompaniment of instruments such as a photoplayer. Built between 1910-1928, there are very few left in the United States, but…

A Living Legend

The door to the new Doc Holliday Museum whispers open. A gentleman, worn black ball cap pulled low over his dark 1970s aviators, ghosts through. Silver sideburns edge the valleys of his lean face; a gunmetal gray horseshoe ‘stache emphasizes his square chin and pursed full lips. A beat-up suede vest slides over a pinstriped collared shirt, seemingly from another…

What’s Old is New on the Rio Grande

There’s a spot along the Rio Grande Trail that smells of sweet sage after a rainstorm. Rugged red cliffs dominate the eastern skyline and the view south toward Mt. Sopris stretches wide open. Adjacent grassy fields — once filled with potatoes — speak to the valley’s agricultural history. During quiet moments on her 32-mile bicycle commute on the Rio Grande,…

Where Fires Still Burn

In September, New Castle celebrated its annual Burning Mountain Festival with music, a pancake breakfast, and a 5K run. The festival, which has been running for 44 years, was named for underground coal mines that still flame inside nearby hillsides.

Dusty Soccer Cleats and Life Lessons

Sometimes, the full impact of a life lesson is not fully understood until many years later. For a group of local women aged 30-something, this became evident a few months ago when some unexpected news spread quickly. "How can it be?" we thought. "He’s healthy. He’s invincible. Cancer? No way. Not Coach Tom Sullivan." After the initial shock of the…

Fall: Home Renovation Season

Now that fall has officially arrived, are you dreaming of that home renovation project you put off all summer? Jacob Koski of Tom Roach Hardwood Floors in Carbondale says fall is the perfect season to check a big house project off your list—especially before the holidays. Roaring Fork Lifestyle recently sat down with him to learn more about the ins…

Prince Creek Perfection

Regal Mt. Sopris is the crown jewel of the Roaring Fork Valley, and in this extraordinary home tucked away near Carbondale you can take in magnificent views of the mountain from just about any angle on the property—and with more than 29 acres of land to call your own, there are plenty of angles to enjoy.

“Marble/marble” Launches Careers and Changes Lives

“I owe the sculptor I am to this place and this woman,” says Nathan Slape, gesturing to Madeline Wiener. A slender, silver-haired bolt of energy, Wiener has momentarily come to rest, settling like the marble dust coating all the aspens in camp. There’s emotion in Slape’s voice as he stands before the wrap-up meeting of the annual marble symposium in…

Watching Grown Kids: “Been There, Done That”

As the father of four adult children, I get to sit back and watch as they make their way in the world. I am happy to say they are headed in the right direction. They have established goals and careers. My wife and I “high five” each other thinking that most of our guidance and advice seems to be paying…

Back to School, Back to the Drawing Board

This is not a letter from this magazine's editor, just a note from her stand-in. This month, I left my artist's studio to come back for an editorial encore performance. The reason? This magazine's real editor, Caitlin Causey, has been attending to a more important assignment—the birth of her first child.

Mountain Fair

Carbondale Arts' 46th annual Mountain Fair was a weird, wacky, water-themed celebration. Pies were judged, logs got chopped, aerialists soared, Native Americans and Gaden Shartse monks offered blessings. Not even a downpour could dampen spirits that soared from the opening drum circle to the closing band. Photos by Renee Ramge.

What’s Old is New in Glenwood’s Classic Car Show

Vintage and tuner cars, rate rods, 29 vintage snow machines, a free barbeque and music by Bobby Mason's band made 14th Annual Glenwood Springs Car Show a retro hit. Sponsored by Valley Cruisers Car Club and Vicco’s Charcoal Burger, the event was a great success. Photos by Christie Carver.

September 2017 Around Town

Amanda Boxtel, executive director of Bridging Bionics, took to the stage with Joseph Watson to dance in Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Dancing with the Stars gala in August. The gala is Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's biggest fundraiser of the year. Watson and Boxtel's performance was captured for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet by photographer Michael Alvarez, who caught even the moment…

Pro TKD Students Take Black Belt Challenge

Recently, local Pro TKD martial arts students, ages 11 to 49, showed their abilities in the 2017 black belt Dan test, vying for second- and third-degree black belts. The PRO TKD Martial Art Center is located in Carbondale under the instruction of Master Doug Fuechsel. Photos by Chuck Maker.

Advocate Safehouse Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Advocate Safehouse marked its 30th anniversary in July and there was much to celebrate. Safehouse, located in Glenwood Springs, has provided 3,647 nights of safe shelter to 1,029 domestic violence survivors and 1,072 children while handling 25,500-plus crisis calls. Photos by Aw Snap Photo and the Personal Responsibility Education Program.

Getting the Most from Your Health Care

In today’s complex health care landscape, it pays to be a vigilant consumer for not only your health, but for your wallet, too. Below are tips and suggestions from several well-respected physicians in the area on ways to stay informed about your health care.

A Wild Mustang Heads to School in Carbondale

The students involved in the horse program at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) dreamt for months of adopting a wild mustang. In June, their dreams came true. Amanda Leahy, head of the CRMS horse program, spent the school year guiding her students through the planning and proposal process for adopting a mustang. The hope was to secure funds to…

Stage of Life Theatre Puts Spotlight on Youth Performances

Since its first performance in June, 2012, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Stage of Life Theater (SoL) has provided a nurturing stage for Roaring Fork Valley children. When founder Logan Carter started SoL five years ago, she saw theater’s role as more than dazzling productions and limelight.

Visiting Ross Montessori’s Natural Playground

With its verdant hoop house, shaggy berms, and dramatic climbing net, Carbondale’s newest landmark, the Ross Montessori Elementary School playground, stirs the curious soul. With the last stage of their new landscape in place, Ross students, staff and volunteers have created holding space for immersive, experiential learning: a “natural playground.” A significant component of this is a living, dynamic, evolving…

Young Poets Ponder the Meaning of Life

What have you learned about poetry this year? "I’ve learned that poetry isn’t just a boring thing old guys do; it’s something all people can do to express feelings."

Heading Back to the Barre with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s School

In June, David Gabriel, a 16-year old from Glenwood Springs, was awarded a two-year, full scholarship to Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, a troupe that has been turning out some of the ballet world’s top professional dancers for the past 50 years.

JAS Aspen Echos Through the Valley

Two years ago, Basalt teenager Isaac Musselman got to meet Christian McBride after listening to the Grammy-winning jazz bassist perform at a Jazz Aspen Snowmass (JAS) concert in Aspen. As a young musician, Musselman was nervous to play in front of McBride, but the concert inspired him, and his musical 
dedication took a shift.

Swept Away

It really does happen that fast, no matter what we teach them or how we warn them. And when it does, on their own, they might be screwed. So we try. Within seconds of scrambling to the river’s edge, we saw my daughter’s muscular, competent body slip from the boulder, disappearing into the dark pull of the Crystal River’s runoff.…

Only in the Valley

We live in an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Options here are over-the-top crazy: bike riding, fly fishing, golfing, paragliding, hiking, skiing, ATVing on the Flat Tops, or just throwing a stick in the river for your dog. We all have one thing in common: As residents in the valley, if we can’t cram all our activities into one weekend or one…


In July, Wilderness Workshop hosted Wildfest at Owl Farm in Woody Creek. The celebration of the nonprofit's work to protect and conserve our public lands featured live music, food, art, kids' activities, and remarks from Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. 
Photography by Eric Allen Photo.

Love Where You Live

For the past few months, vehicles with out-of-state license plates have lined my street in downtown Glenwood. Ohio, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, Maryland: all terrific places, yes, but ones where—c’mon, let’s be honest here—the landscapes aren’t quite as exciting as those in western Colorado.

A ‘Great and Glorious’ Game

On a chilly evening in May 2008, during Carbondale’s annual Bonedale Bike Week, a group of bicycle fanatics with the self-proclaimed name Stomparillaz Brigade engaged in a team sport involving riding bikes and using long-handled mallets to hit a ball downfield into a net defended by the opposite team, also on bikes. Similar to horseback polo — the bikes are…

Bridges and Broadcasts

Just as the Crystal River is a vital tributary that flows into the Roaring Fork River, the content provided by the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) is a small but indispensable source of rapid information and entertainment that feeds into the waves of Carbondale’s well-known nonprofit radio station, KDNK. The substance is like water that nourishes, and the programs…

Lift Off 4 LIFT-UP

LIFT-UP celebrated 35 years of service to the community in late June, hosting their annual hot air balloon festival, Lift Off for LIFT-UP, in El Jebel's Crown Mountain Park. Among other activities, two stunning morning ascensions delighted the event's balloon-gazers. Photography by Nicolette Toussaint.

Wild West Fermentation Fest

Roaring Fork Events, along with several local sponsors, recently hosted the second annual Wild West Fermentation Fest in Glenwood. 
Attendees enjoyed fermented Colorado beverages including craft beer, cider, and kombucha. A portion of ticket sales benefited the Glenwood Springs Historical Society. Photography by Bobby Burch and Hannah Arredondo.

August 2017 Around Town

The Carbondale Clay Center (CCC) invites the community to mark it’s calendars early for the organization's 20th anniversary fête at their facility on Saturday, September 9 from 5-9 p.m. The CCC gallery will feature a visual narrative of the nonprofit's history with photographs, newspaper articles, event posters, and other materials collected from the past two decades.

Love It or Hate It: The Roaring Fork Swap

If you’ve ever had something taking up space around your house, this is what many a local will advise you to do if you need it gone. Put that old refrigerator, mattress, camper, crib, bridesmaid dress, or lawn mower on the Roaring Fork Swap and kick back as the offers to whisk it all away come rolling in from across…

Musings of a Modern Forager

There is something indescribable and quietly special about foraging for wild mushrooms. It awakens a hidden drive so dormant that you might not have previously felt its existence. Perhaps it’s a nod to those ancient hunter-gatherer genes, or maybe it’s just one of the most fulfilling ways to experience the natural world as it was meant to be seen. Whatever…

Hoppy + Fresh

Perfect for a fresh, deep clean scented with hops. For continuous upkeep and a quick and easy refresher.

Hold Onto Your “Kapp” – There’s Amish Tourism in Glenwood!

At a Carbondale rodeo, I sat behind a family in old-fashioned garments, the bearded dad garbed in a broad-brimmed hat and suspenders, the womenfolk wearing prairie dresses, white aprons, and starched bonnets. Solemnly pledging allegiance as a rhinestone-bedecked rodeo queen lofted the Stars and Stripes, these seven visitors could have been just another vacationing family celebrating America’s agrarian roots.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Slippery, with bits of “resistance” in the chewing. Tender, juicy. Light; a crispy coating, similar to soft-shell crabs. Or, to others, somewhat like chewing on a slice of batter-dipped, deep-fried cartilaginous ear.

A Midsummer Night’s Scheme

On summer evenings, just as that friendly mountain shadow creeps across downtown Glenwood and brings its merciful shady coolness to all in its wake, I like to go for neighborhood walks. Sometimes I hoof it up the Doc Holliday trail or stroll along Grand Avenue and peek inside the shop windows, but mostly I just meander through the residential streets…

The Art of Preparation

Sometimes the adventure is not the activity itself, but the preparation that goes into getting ready for it. Before my kids left the nest, my wife and I had a family of six to get ready for any kind of trip. Our fondest memories include boating trips and beach camping at Lake Powell, which involved coordination with several other boating…

Dancers Dancing

The Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts recently presented its 25th annual Dancers Dancing showcase. The event featured the talents of more than 100 young dancers, performing styles ranging from ballet and pointe to jazz, hip hop, and modern dance. Photography by Klaus Kocher.

Adventure Defined

Merriam-Webster defines the word adventure as both “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks” and “an exciting or remarkable experience.” Although a dictionary definition makes the concept seem a little dry or square, I do agree with it—especially the part about adventure encompassing not only dangerous pursuits but “remarkable” ones. This opens the door to a host of qualifying…

Home Is Where the Trout Are Biting

If the thought of reeling in a gorgeous fish on a lazy summer afternoon gets your heart thumping, the Gold Medal waters of the Frying Pan River can make that dream a reality. But what if you could wake up and wet a hook every single day from the comfort of your own home? With about 400 feet of private…

River Center Spaghetti Fundraiser

In June, New Castle's River Center held its fifth annual spaghetti fundraiser in Burning Mountain Park. Proceeds from the home-cooked spaghetti dinner went to the nonprofit's many outreach programs including its community enrichment classes, back-to-school supply drive, winter coat distribution, weekly senior luncheon, and more. Photography by Karissa Feese.

A Pair Go Paragliding

Watching paragliders coasting on the thermals, the colorful shells of their sails holding them aloft in the blue, I have often wondered how they got up there in the first place. Did they learn to fly like fledgling birds in a nature film, dropping out of the nest with a thunk? Nope. It’s easier than that.

July 2017 Around Town

Two valley nonprofits have joined forces to offer locals a new grief and loss therapy program utilizing the healing power of horses. Together, Carbondale's equine therapeutic riding and educational organization Windwalkers and Aspen's cancer support program Pathfinders now offer the Roaring Fork Valley community an alternative, non-traditional approach to healing after loss.

So Many Trails, So Little Time

All Preston Files wanted was a quick way to learn more about all the trails in the Roaring Fork Valley. Was that too much to ask? Apparently, it was. When Files moved to Basalt from Texas about seven years ago, no such comprehensive online tool existed. So, he invented his own: AspenTrailFinder.com. “Like other transplants around here, I moved to…