Abby and the Chocolate Factory

For Abby Mandel, life is indeed like a box of chocolates. Who could have predicted that a lifelong sweet tooth and a Ph.D. in taste perception science would lead her to becoming Carbondale’s new chocolate artist? Certainly not Mandel herself.

Made with Love

RFL: Your studio is a true family operation. Tell us more.

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Compassion Fest 2019

What is compassion in action? It can be as simple as greeting each person you meet throughout the day as an old friend. It can be as big as dedicating your life to helping the poor and the sick in Kolkata, India. But, if you’re not sure how to take compassionate action, the second annual Compassion Film Festival and Symposium…

Hoppy + Fresh

Perfect for a fresh, deep clean scented with hops. For continuous upkeep and a quick and easy refresher.

Preparing Your Dogs for Fun in the Snow

Katie Beiser holds up her right hand and points to the tip of her pinky. “This is the go-to map of Michigan, and this is where I was working before moving here.” Having spent time with Dr. John Kuck at Willits Veterinary during her fourth year of veterinary school during spring ski season, Dr. Beiser became hooked on our valley.…

Hands-On at CMC’s Vet Tech Program

Before the snow flies at the Spring Valley campus, professors and students in the Colorado Mountain College (CMC) veterinary technology program will have spent a lot of hands-on-learning time outdoors with resident farm animals.

The Joy and Glory of Dog-Powered Sports

For eons, canines have been our companions. Between 18,000 to 30,000 years ago, wild canids became domesticated. Some scientists theorize that these creatures, precursors to the dogs we know and love today, domesticated humans (not the other way around)!

The Raptors of Strawberry Days

On the north side of Sayre Park, a rapt group of kids and adults have crowded around an unusual Strawberry Days booth. In front of the white tent, a bald eagle—the familiar bird inscribed on the Great Seal of the United States of America—sits quietly on a wooden perch. Nearby, a large horned owl languidly opens its huge orange eyes…

Dundee Memorial Dog Wash

It all started with a dog named Dundee. “I met Dundee at Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) in 2011,” recalls Jenna Mitchell, a lifelong Roaring Fork Valley local and former CARE employee. “He was this funny greyhound/shepherd-y mix, about eight years old. He’d been waiting for a home for a while, and I took him on as my project.” Dundee did…