Joy abounds for powder hounds.

Big fluffy flakes are falling on the deck and Carbondale's Main Street is sporting banners that say "Let It Snow!" One Facebook friend just posted a photo of a gate across Route 82 bearing a sign that says "Independence Pass Closed." Another just uploaded a shot of her pink lawn flamingos (!) covered with powder.

Life & Death, Birth 
& Harvest

A murder was committed in my yard recently. I witnessed it, but haven’t been able to identify the slayer.

Capture the magic with a camera.

The chicken on this month's cover looks a bit quizzical, and why not? He's wondering whether the creature taking his picture is old enough to know which button to push. The person behind the camera was 10-year-old Seychelle Singh, who is quite accomplished.

Minds to match mountains.

When I moved home to Colorado in 2011, I heard a radio ad for my alma mater which ended with the tagline, "minds to match mountains”. The phrase stuck in my head because I do think that a childhood spent exploring nature and mountaineering builds a certain resilience, and for me, becoming one of the first female graduates of Outward…

Tuck into some juicy summer reading…

Years ago, when I was introducing my West Coast husband to Colorado, I arranged several vacation trips to the Western Slope and the San Luis Valley. I didn’t want him to think that Denver and the Front Range were all that my home state had to offer.

Our Worldly Corner of the Globe

A friend recently asked me how I plan the issue themes for Roaring Fork Lifestyle. The answer is – I don’t! They always come as happy surprises.

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed about summer

June is the time to celebrate all things bright and beautiful – the sun, our gardens, summer concerts – as well as all creatures great and small.