All About Green

The two hard-hatted green dinosaurs flanking the walk of the new ReStore are apt greeters. Like dinos, the new store is gargantuan, scaled in keeping with the outsized mission of Habitat for Humanity. But Habitat’s new store also harbors a secret that locals might not expect: small prices.

Bridges and Broadcasts

Just as the Crystal River is a vital tributary that flows into the Roaring Fork River, the content provided by the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) is a small but indispensable source of rapid information and entertainment that feeds into the waves of Carbondale’s well-known nonprofit radio station, KDNK. The substance is like water that nourishes, and the programs…

Roaring Fork Leadership Grows Community and Leaders

Each year, the Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) program adopts civic projects that strengthen communities all up and down the Roaring Fork Valley. RFL is sponsored by the Roaring Fork Center for Community Leadership (RFCCL), and it provides more than 100 hours of training and dialogue designed to enhance personal, professional and community problem-solving and effectiveness. Over the past 28 years,…

Tom’s Door Opens to Caring

Local student Jesse Case (that’s not his real name) had a rough spring. His mother, Gina, was about to deliver a child and unable to work. His father was not around to help. Jesse was acting out at school and got expelled. Jesse and his mother had not eaten in four days when a Roaring Fork school representative intervened. With…

YouthZone: 40 Years of Serving Youth

Parents try their hardest to maintain stable, loving, nurturing homes, to be positive role models and to be active in a child’s life. They take on the responsibility of ensuring that the child will grow up to make healthy life decisions through open communication and mutual respect.