Mountain Family Health Center Expanding in Basalt

“We at Mountain Family Health Centers have been working diligently to expand. We want to be able to provide affordable health care to low-income residents of our region who do not yet have access to our services,” says Ross Brooks, Mountain Family’s chief executive officer. “We believe that access to affordable health care is a human right, not a privilege.”

Meet the Valley’s Celebrity Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Dave Jensen

Dr. Dave Jensen is known as a celebrity chiropractor to many of the top-tier athletes who frequent the Roaring Fork Valley. The website for the WIN Health Institute, which he founded in 2001, includes endorsements from top athletes like speed skiing champion Don Strickland, World Cup ski racer Jake Zemanski, St. Louis Blues pro hockey player Larry Giroux, martial artist…

Preparing for the Outdoor Gym

I have been in the gym business for far too long and I have heard too many creative excuses for not attending one, especially during the summer. “The mountains are my gym,” is a typical quote. I often chuckle at that.

Why Work with a Personal Trainer?

You need to be physically active to get and stay healthy. Everyone knows that, but getting started can be quite daunting. Many overworked, stressed-out Americans start a fitness program, do all right for a short time and then drop out. (According to multiple studies in the U.S., Britain and New Zealand, the dropout rate is one third to one half,…

U.S. Paralympic Team Gets Crossfit in Carbondale

Crossfit has a reputation as “extreme.” Incredibly challenging, it’s the domain of elite athletes. Carbondalian Kevin Jardine and his wife Ashley have been Crossfitting for several years. Both are in top physical condition. Kevin, the director of high performance for U.S. Paralympics alpine skiing and snowboarding, decided that the Box at Sopris Crossfit in Carbondale would provide excellent training for…