Exemplifying the Pioneer Spirit: Mary Lilly

Recently, the Mount Sopris Historical Society (MSHS) honored Mary Lilly with the Hattie Thompson award in recognition of Lilly’s love of learning, appreciation for the land and dedication to the community. “Mary’s indomitable spirit, kind heart and practical resolve exemplify the pioneering spirit that gave rise to the American West,” says MSHS Executive Director Beth White.


The fabled Hotel Denver celebrates its 100th birthday on October 17. For 72 of those years, it has been owned by local families. Since 1991, it has been owned by April and Steven Carver, who have earned the number one ranking among the 23 Glenwood Springs hotels reviewed online at TripAdvisor.com.

Shot on Location

It seems that the Roaring Fork Valley has always been ready for its closeup. Like cinematic outlaws of long ago, films have been "shot" on location here for decades. With dramatic peaks, sparkling rivers, picturesque valleys and an iconic Rocky Mountain landscape, it’s no surprise that Hollywood came knocking soon after this area was settled. Over a century later, films…

Colorado’s Longest-Running Civic Festival: Strawberry Days

Glenwood Springs rocks during Strawberry Days, as it has for going on 118 years.