Breathe Easy, Sleep Well

Do you snore? Do you hold your breath while you sleep? Do you wake up gasping for air? Do you feel sleepy during the day? These questions may determine whether you might suffer from sleep apnea.   

Top Dogs

6 days of sheepdog magic. In addition to watching the incredible talents of the best dog/handler teams around, event spectators can enjoy food, craft vendors, doggie demos, and more. Bring your lawn chairs and plenty of sunblock, but be sure to leave family dogs at home.

STEM Stars

Imagine never having seen a mountain with your own eyes before. Pretty tough for us around these parts, isn’t it? Imagine, too, excelling in the toughest classes at your high school—only to wonder if you’ll ever make it out of your hometown, let alone to college someday.

Daring Women

Like so many Roaring Fork Valley transplants, Ashley Mauldin moved here without friends already living in the area. Fresh from the front range about seven years ago, she was the new mom of a six-month-old daughter, and the new owner of her private counseling practice; life was changing dramatically. Although her husband’s family was close by to provide foundational support, Mauldin still…

Counting Our Blessings

This month, hundreds of folks in El Jebel and Blue Lake will gather to give thanks for food, company, and the roofs over their heads. Documentary filmmaker Barry Stevenson will be among them.

Game On

Have Some Outdoor Fun this Summer with Lawn Games Perfect for any Get-Together, then Cool Off with a Couple Sweet Treats. Article Nicolette Martin Mölkky Throwing Game Dick’s Sporting Goods, $29.99 Playing Mölkky: In this Finnish throwing game, use a wooden pin (mölkky) to knock over wooden pins (skittles). Be the first to reach exactly 50 points to win! … Continued

Mother’s Day Roses

 Article Lynn Dwyer  Roses grow wild in Colorado and are well adapted to our soil and weather. Although the wild rose can be extremely invasive and is not recommended for the home gardener, cultivars grow very well here and many bloom throughout the summer. Tree roses, climbers, hardy shrubs, hybrid teas: Many of these beautiful roses are grafted onto hardy…

Young Poets Ponder the Meaning of Life

What have you learned about poetry this year? "I’ve learned that poetry isn’t just a boring thing old guys do; it’s something all people can do to express feelings."

A Life Worth Living

It hits him. “Man. I’m skiing Highlands with two kids whose dads have died in the last two years in tragic accidents. I’m the only dad here, with three different families. What a strange feeling,” Nelson Oldham pauses, reflective. These two fathers aren’t the only ones. He recalls the local skier who perished on the Laundry Chutes of Mount Sopris.…

Monks and Mindfulness

Three monks stand at the front of the room, chanting. Their murmuring, singing voices rise and fall in a persistent wall of sound. Rows of adults sit at attention, droplets of water tracing through hair, down foreheads, cheeks and necks. An insistent bell clangs, clangs, clangs. Delicate threads of smoky incense hang in the air. Monks ritually move along rows…

Landscapes that Marry Ecology with Psychology

“Fifteen minutes of relaxation can change the course of your day. My work creates those opportunities,” muses landscape designer Genevieve Joelle Villamizar. “More so than ever, landscape design is the creation of spaces inviting us to ‘be’, to live in joy and connect.”

Beauty Bred in the Bone

Local jewelry designer Colby June recently unveiled her “Bone Collection.” This new collection, which includes necklaces, rings earrings and studs, was inspired by the texture and shape of a small bone. The Bone Collection reveals sharp angles and smooth surfaces in silver, bronze and 14-carat gold speckled with diamonds, sunstone and onyx. Of her design inspiration, June says, “The bone…

Reaching for a Dream, One Step at a Time

Amanda Boxtel could be seen as a dreamer or as an inspiration. To know Amanda is to know what it means to dream big and live big. On February 27, 1992 a freak skiing accident rendered her a paraplegic. Two weeks later, as she lay in a hospital bed, a young doctor strode into her room and spoke words that…

The Imperative of Sleep

Experts believe that sleep deprivation played a role in the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle, the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear meltdowns and the 2009 crash of Air France Flight 447, which killed all 228 people aboard. But accident-related health impacts of sleepless can also be found much closer to home. The National…

Tapping into the “Life Energy” of Qigong

On a road trip last autumn, I watched my friend Steven move through his bodywork each morning. Used to pushing my own to its physical limits, I was surprised to see this muscular man so gentle in his body. Despite his movement, a stillness filled the hotel room. After meditation one morning, he must have noted my fascination. “Do you…

Talented Young Roaring Fork Photographers Wow Judges 
in Our Contest

Congratulations to Sonya Benson of Aspen for winning our Roaring Fork 
Lifestyle youth photo contest. Judging from the judges' comments, 15-year-old Benson knocked their socks off. “When I opened Buck, I thought, 'Oh, Wow!' Photographically it is very well done, good exposure, looks sharp,” says Judy Hill Lovins. “I love the story it tells, the strong horizontal lines in thirds…