Nurturing Nature in our Valley

Ah, May: the month that truly brings the Roaring Fork Valley back to life. After a cold winter and the ever-unpredictable month of April, May ushers us from mud season to sun season in a mere 31 days. Cue the green trees, late hours of daylight, and picnics in the park.

Blooming Where You’re Planted

What does home mean to you? What about community, neighbors, or friends? In the five years that my husband and I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley, we’ve thought a lot about what these words mean to us. We spent our twenties bouncing from place to place, exploring what the world had to offer, and found ourselves here unexpectedly…

Moving In, Moving On—
My Parting Thoughts

You hold in your hands the 27th monthly issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle. It's the last one I will edit. So far, this publication has had but one editor, yours truly. But next month, I will be moving on, and Caitlin Causey will be moving in. Caitlin's name should be familiar; she has been writing for this publication virtually since…

Made in and for the Roaring Fork Valley

Most months, my editor's letter explains how the articles we've picked relate to a theme, and this one is no exception. I'm going to tell you how my favorite local product, this magazine, came to be. But let me start with a confession: when it came to selling "beat tags", I was a waste of space. "Beat tags" were little…

Caring for Mind, Body & Spirit in Winter

"What's a body to do in the cold?" That's the question that writer Genevieve Villamizar asks this month. Because there's a "Colorado native" sticker on my car's bumper, I've known the answer for years. As a child, I always asked for the same gift for my November birthday. "Make it snow so I can ski!"

The Bones of Christmas Past

These days, stores seem to break out the Christmas decor as soon as the Halloween candies can be cleared away. That may be a good thing for sales, but the long holiday season is hard on those away from family, those who have lost loved ones, those have lost the chance to be with loved ones because they must work.…

In Praise of Acts of 
Random Kindness

When I moved back home to Colorado in 2011, it was actually the second time I ran away to the Roaring Fork Valley. Both times, my reasons for wanting to hide in the mountains were similar. William Butler Yeats' 1919 poem describing his feelings on the eve of World War I describes mine as well:

All That Jazz (Folk, Bluegrass, Country & Classical…)

Astute readers may have noticed that each month, Roaring Fork Lifestyle has a theme that is announced on its cover. I had been working with a "music and musicians" theme when some basic math convinced me to change that.

A Paean to Pets 
& Wildlife

Not long ago, I overheard a neighbor saying on the phone, "Where I live, the word 'nightlife' usually refers to the critters that knock over the trash can around three in the morning." While that probably sells our local entertainment options a bit short, it's true that we're long on things that go bump in the night. In the summer,…

Growing Up with 
Free-Range Childhood

For several reasons, I have never had children of my own. Sometimes, that omission leaves a hole in my heart. But as longtime readers of this publication know, I was fortunate that my young neighbor Sam Stableford adopted me as his "Carbondale grandma" almost as soon as I moved into my house.

“Art Shakes the Tree, the Monkeys Fall Out”

I have always considered myself an artist and have stuck up for freedom of expression. Especially my own! My fourth-grade teacher sent me to the principal’s office for mulishly refusing to draw a horse’s ears the way she directed.

Uniting Vocation and Avocation in One Sight

"What's it going to be?" "What are you working on?" My neighbors were dying to know why my driveway was piled high with river rocks ranging in size from cantaloupes to watermelons. What was I building?

Planting Seeds for the Harvest

My boss, publisher Rick French and I strive to make this publication truly reflect the communities that make up the Roaring Fork Valley. As editor, I’m particularly glad to receive editorial suggestions, even though I can’t follow up on them all.

To Serve, To Strive and Not to Yield

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Mine have ranged from a broken arm to a broken heart, from getting lost in the woods to a lost job. Bigger challenges come in the form of the loss of a home or a loved one. Sometimes we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Sometimes we're so disabled we need someone…

A Healthy State of Mind

For me, that healthy state is called Colorado. I grew up here, then lived in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I'm celebrating a five-year anniversary since returning home to the Mile High State on “March forth!” 2011—a memorable date. Coming home cured most of what ailed me.

Bless this table

In her article In Praise of Locavores, Andrea Palm-Porter asks, “Do you ever stop to think about what you’re eating and where it came from?” I do. Although unseemly haste is among my flaws, I try to allow space at the beginning of each meal for a moment of gratitude. Food and drink, in all their astonishing forms, are truly…

In praise of cool deeds & local heroes.

International climate talks were going on in Paris while I was editing this magazine. As several local voices featured in this month's articles reminded me, climate change threatens many aspects of our Roaring Fork lifestyle, ranging from farming and ranching to fishing and skiing, not to mention real estate values and income from tourism. As my Carbondale neighbor Robert Hubbell…