A Holiday Tradition

For 23 Decembers, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker” has delivered its special Christmas magic to valley audiences of all ages. But for the young local dance students who have themselves performed among the toys and snowflakes over the years, the ballet is more than a fleeting holiday reverie—it’s a tradition. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s an introduction…

The Art of Scholarship

“I’ve been interested in the arts for as long as I can remember,” says Anika Chapman, an art-school bound Roaring Fork High School grad. “It is very important for me to represent a facet of myself in each piece of art I create...I am excited to pursue my passion toward a fulfilling and lengthy career where I can have a…

Style with Substance

 Article Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar | Photography EstatePhotoVideo.com - Kit Mitchell  Like many behind bars, Sarah Uhl bides her time seeking. She pursues the answers to Big Questions, finds moments of geological ecstasy, and relishes opportunities for unadulterated joy. As an artist, she documents all of these with whimsical exaltation.  Uhl works out of the historic Carbondale jail, where she’s created…

Rising Voices

 Article Nicolette Toussaint | Photography EstatePhotoVideo.com - Kit Mitchell  Erica Massender was recently asked to read her poetry to an international crowd at the Aspen Ideas Festival—a huge step for the once-shy girl who for years practiced, as she says, “keeping her lip buttoned.”  Massender, a 2018 graduate of Glenwood Springs High School who has risen to the challenge of…

Giving It a Wurl(itzer)

“Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.” When former U.S. President Ronald Regan made this statement, he could very well have been recalling the days of his childhood, when silent films were brought to life by the accompaniment of instruments such as a photoplayer. Built between 1910-1928, there are very few left in the United States, but…

Heading Back to the Barre with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s School

In June, David Gabriel, a 16-year old from Glenwood Springs, was awarded a two-year, full scholarship to Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, a troupe that has been turning out some of the ballet world’s top professional dancers for the past 50 years.

“Tune In Next Time On…”

Carbondale’s population may be tiny, but its reach in the world of adventure audio is mighty. Outside magazine dubbed 2016 “The Year of Audio” due to the popularity of podcasts dedicated to sharing tales of outside adventure, and several of the most popular shows pipe right from the heart of Bonedale. Google “best adventure podcasts” and it’s a sure bet…

Lisa Dancing-Lights’ “The Song of Love” – Eight Years in the Making

Local singer-songwriter Lisa Dancing-Light recently released her fifth album, The Song of Love. Called “an anthem for humanity,” the music was inspired by Anne Hillman’s book Awakening The Energies of Love: Discovering Fire For the Second Time, a book which in turns draws wisdom from Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Dance Initiative Residences Put 
Carbondale’s Launchpad on the Map

With a catch in her voice, Alya Howe acknowledged that a dancer’s life is often a struggle to survive. “As an artist, it’s rare to be given studio and financial support to develop, share and present your work. My residency at the Launchpad gave me the opportunity to work with my craft, to meet and train dancers who were new…

Valle Musico Lays Down a Danceable Groove

This month, Valle Musico will be playing at the Pumpkin Jazz and Roots Festival in Basalt. If you haven’t heard this local guitar-based world music quintet – or even if you have – you might want to catch that October 17 performance.

Poetry in Motion

Innocence. Self-realization. Understanding. Pain. Passion. These are just a handful of big concerns that a group of young poets in the Roaring Fork Valley explored over the summer.

Western Singer/Songwriter Jim Hawkins

Probably the most notable song Jim Hawkins has written is a tribute to the 14 firefighters who were killed battling the 1994 Storm King Mountain fire. Subtitled “When Hell’s Fire Broke Through,” the song and video has garnered more 10,000 views on YouTube and was shown on the fire’s 20th anniversary at Carbondale’s Crystal Theatre.

Enjoy Summer, Enjoy Music!

This valley is unique in offering free music in each community, especially in the summer months. Music has been known to change a person's mood, affect memory, creativity and even how we learn. It is thought to link all of the emotional, spiritual, and physical elements of the universe -- which probably makes the Roaring Fork Valley the center of…