Liquid Assets

If it’s Friday or Saturday evening between 5-7 p.m. in Glenwood Springs, one thing you can count on is that there’ll be a small crowd gathered at Cooper Wine & Spirits for their weekly tastings.

All in the Family

Since 1976, Murray Dental Group has served patients from across the region. Here, Dr. Robert (Bob) Murray and his son Dr. John Murray, along with new partner Dr. Tim Huson, offer insight on their Glenwood Springs practice for Roaring Fork Lifestyle.

Have Blankets, Will Travel

Negative 40. Such was the sub-zero temperature when Betina Infante and her family arrived in Ulaanbaatar, the notoriously frigid capital city of Mongolia, during the dead of winter in 2007—straight from living in balmy Indonesia, no less.

Getting From ‘Here to There’

Picture even a minor accident: Perhaps your bicycle slips on the ice. You’ve dislocated your elbow and broken your hand in the fall. You can still walk, drive an automatic car, and type at your computer left-handed. But can you pull a shirt over your head? Or floss your teeth? How will you cut vegetables at dinner, or wash the…

If the Shoe Fits

 Article Bridget Grey  As a fixture of downtown Basalt since 1993, Midland Shoe has spent the past 25 years providing valley residents with comfortable, stylish footwear and expert advice on getting the perfect fit. Most valley residents readily admit that local footwear fashion errs on the side of casual, but most still want something that meets both durability needs and a…

Breathing Archery

 Article Emily Hightower | Photography - Kit Mitchell  He hadn’t held a bow before, but he’s not new to weapons. He aims through the scope with expert calm, arms taut with cool anticipation.  Thunk.

A Place in the Sun

Not so long ago, solar energy seemed out of reach for the average consumer. Although many had the desire to adopt a green energy solution and take control of their electricity bills, the upfront cost of a solar setup was often unaffordable. Fortunately, things have changed in recent years.

Best of the Valley: Health and Services (Continued)

 Balcomb & Green  818 Colorado Avenue, Glenwood Springs  970.945.6546

A Greener, Cleaner Valley

Long ago, eight-year-old Davey Reindel would lurk in his Ohio ‘hood with a BMX posse, “raiding trash cans for cool stuff on pick-up day—our scores would then migrate to the woods to build forts,” he remembers. By the time he was eleven, Dave was collecting recyclables from construction sites for nickels and dimes.

Delicious Delivery

If you’ve ever wanted to get more involved with the valley’s farmers and food producers but haven’t known where to start, Isaac Foust wants to help. “We have a lot of people around here who want to buy local and support growers, but they just don’t have the time,” he says. “Some families have the ability to take a trip…

True North Showroom Cooks Up Great Ideas for Hearth and Home

It’s high season for outdoor cooking, and anyone interested in dropping another shrimp onto the barbie—and wondering which barbie to choose—would do well to chat with Wes Ehlers.

Right-Size Your Electrical Load for Solar Panels

“Efficiency is like broccoli… Energy efficiency is not sexy.” That’s what Wisconsin researchers Bill Schutten and Kathy Kuntz concluded in a 2010 paper they wrote for the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Solar panels, by contrast, are sexy. They’re so attractive that homeowners tend to gorge on them like chocolates, installing more than they need. Ria Langheim, a research…

Green Design at 
Marble Distilling Company

The evening crowds at the Marble Distilling Company (MDC) are pure Colorado: boots or heels, Carhartts or silk. They gather to enjoy seasonally-evolving cocktails blended with locally-brewed spirits that have been garnering awards and rave reviews. In contrast to Carbondale’s usual architecture—a mix of funky shacks and newly gentrified brick storefronts—MDC’s building is a spare, monochromatic study in sustainability and…

Mountain Family Health Centers

“We want to ensure is that there is an affordable choice in the most un-affordable area in country,” says Ross Brooks, the chief executive officer for Mountain Family Health Centers. That’s a tall order. In 2014, Colorado’s "Rocky Mountain Resort Region" – Eagle, Summit, Pitkin and Garfield counties – had the nation’s highest health insurance costs. While the Roaring Fork…

Denise Latousek & 
Burn Fitness Studio

It’s hard to reconcile today’s smiling, energetic Denise Latousek with the 2008 version she’s talking about. “I was angry. I was depressed. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t parent.”

R.J. Paddywacks

For Eric Berry, the owner of R.J. Paddywacks’ Pet Supply, his parents’ keeshound and two sickly golden retrievers acquired during college provided an impetus for learning about pet nutrition. “The goldens suffered from incontinence, kidney failure, malnutrition, all kinds of problems,” he recalls. “There weren’t a lot of tools then. I did find one food that was better than what…

B & H: Building on a Handshake

Over the past 20 years, Brad Faber and Hans Raaflaub of B & H General Contractors have built more than beautiful homes, commercial spaces and community buildings: they’ve also built a solid reputation.