The Osprey Has Landed

Coupled with a mate for life, an osprey’s nest has been called its “center of gravity,” its place of reconnection and lifelong family home. Wherever it builds its nest, this is the place where coupled ospreys return after winters apart, year after year. Offspring, too, will return to the same area and begin their own nests. The Cornell Lab of…

Sunlight-Powderhorn Trail Maintained by Local Snowmobile Club

After Steve Burns nimbly maneuvers the snowcat up a bank and to the side of the snowbound Sunlight-to-Powderhorn (SP) trail, half-a-dozen snowmobilers zip by. “I bet if you asked them who maintains this trail, they’d tell you it was the Forest Service,” he says.

Locals Celebrate Thompson Divide Lease Cancellations

When local communities were first alerted in 2004 to leasing in what we now call the Thompson Divide, this incredible landscape didn't even have a name. Now, it’s known nationwide because of what the people of the Roaring Fork Valley have done to protect it. The coalition that formed to rally to the Thompson Divide’s defense included local ranchers like…

Fishing for New Stories

A friend, knee-deep in a masters program for rangeland ecology, lamented once that ignorance was indeed bliss, telling me that knowing too much had trashed her crush on the West.

Don’t Try Too Hard in Glenwood’s Cruise-a-Thong

Mix one part community bonding, one part environmental awareness, three parts “exercise”, some costumes, hilarity, add a dash of junk food for good measure—and what do you get? If that recipe sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Combine all ingredients, bake on a hot day in July and you’ll get one of the wackiest events to ever grace…

The Frosty Lures of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing takes place throughout Canada, Scotland, Russia and Scandinavia, but you don't have to go to Norway to see it. Just look to your right as you're passing through Georgetown along I-70 in the winter, and you'll probably see folks frostily fishing. Harvey Gap Reservoir, near Rifle, Crawford Reservoir near Hotchkiss and Lake Granby are other popular ice fishing…

What’s SUP?

Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP) is an outdoor water adventure that delivers excitement, balance, ease and confidence. Not much equipment is needed, and what’s needed can easily fit in a car: an inflatable paddle board, a paddle, a helmet (for river riding), a personal floatation device and “gripe” water shoes.