Backcountry in the Fall

We all have our reasons to hike the Colorado Mountains in the fall. Most of us are called by the beauty of the fall colors, others for the exhilaration of a chilly fall hiking trail and still others the thrill of hunting big game.

Life & Death, Birth 
& Harvest

A murder was committed in my yard recently. I witnessed it, but haven’t been able to identify the slayer.

Second Annual Sacred Fest

True Nature Healing Arts' Sacred Fest in September featured Kirtan singers, yoga, massage, drumming, African dance, mud puppets, high-prana food tasting and an ice cream social. Photography by Hal Williams

Glenwood Springs Chamber Plays Bizopoly

The Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce's annual Bizopoly fair included networking, a business expo and job fair, plus great food and prizes. Attendees also enjoyed presentations about branding and harnessing the power of mobile devices.

November 2015 Around Town

Two Christmas concerts will be offered by Symphony in the Valley (SITV) next month. On the evening of December 12, SITV musicians will gather onstage at the Ute Performing Arts Theatre in Rifle to present Christmas classics. The program will be repeated at 4 p.m. on December 13 in the Glenwood Springs High School Theatre with seasonal favorites for young…

Dia de los Muertos

Mexican legend tells of a beautiful mother called La Llorona, or The Weeping Woman, destined to wander the earth for all eternity in search of her drowned children. Forever remorseful of their deaths, her white-cloaked spirit is said to appear along rivers after nightfall, wailing in the dark.

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Folklorico

A dozen brightly dressed grade-school children cluster outside an open door leading into the Basalt Library. They’re quiet, as is appropriate in a library, but the standing-room-only crowd inside is anything but.

Growing the Beautifully Sustainable Painted Mountain Corn

Indigo blue, ruby red, scarlet, orange, yellow and ivory kernels shine along the sides of the cobs that local food activist Sue Gray donated to the community garden at Roaring Fork High School (RFHS). Families from the Valley Settlement Project worked in partnership with Fat City Farmers to grow the corn this past summer.

Denise Latousek & 
Burn Fitness Studio

It’s hard to reconcile today’s smiling, energetic Denise Latousek with the 2008 version she’s talking about. “I was angry. I was depressed. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t parent.”

Simplify and Focus on What Matters Most

Author Evan Zislis is a strategies consultant and professional 
 organizer and the founder of Intentional Solutions. He works with households, businesses, teachers, and people in life transitions in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.


I started hunting in the autumn of my 30th year, compelled by conflicting desires. As a horticulturist enamored of growing my own food, I have pulled trout from lakes, dug and roasted white knuckles of garlic that glazed the lips and fingers of friends through bread and pasta by candlelight.

Seven Reasons Hunting Benefits Colorado

Although hunting has been an integral part of Colorado’s outdoor 
 heritage for centuries, it remains a polarizing topic in today’s social and political climates. For myriad reasons, there will always be those who choose to hunt and those who choose not to hunt. And that’s OK.

Bill and Nancy Flood — 
Walking in Beauty in Navajo Country

Nancy Bo Flood smiles over a cup of chai as she shares a favorite memory from the many years that she and her husband, Bill Flood, M.D., spent in the Navajo Nation. “One of my favorite images was walking into the clinic at Inscription House through the waiting room. A mother was there with her little boy, about three or…

Giving Thanks Throughout the Season

Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday. Not all family gatherings are harmonious. There might be pressure to prepare “the perfect meal” just like a parent used to make. Then there is that business with Europeans spreading their empire and claiming new lands – even though those lands were already inhabited – that should cause us to pause in our celebration.…