Uniting Vocation and Avocation in One Sight

"What's it going to be?" "What are you working on?" My neighbors were dying to know why my driveway was piled high with river rocks ranging in size from cantaloupes to watermelons. What was I building?

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

I'm breaking away from my traditional publisher’s letter to tell a story, and to ask readers to help us to lend a helping hand to some neighbors. A tragic event happened the other day in Glenwood Springs. It kept me thinking well after I went to bed, and it’s still on my mind.

Art Walk Rocks in Carbondale

On May 5, Carbondale opened the Colorado Creative Industries summit with an Art Walk that rocked the whole town. From drumming in the park to dancing in the street, from galleries to potters, artists and sculptors workshops, both local and hundreds of visitors had a great time.

Gala Raises Funds for Blue Lake Preschool

Teachers, parents and community leaders recently gathered for the annual "Date Through the Year" fundraiser for Blue Lake Preschool. The evening consisted of amazing food, great drinks, dancing, a silent auction, and a celebration of young kids in our valley. Photos by Aaron Rogers.

Around Town

The Cowboy Corral, a local Western-themed choir, will be singing old-time cowboy songs at multiple venues over the summer. The 11-member local group shares the history of the cowboy era, tells stories of cattle drives and even throw in some mighty fine cowboy poetry from time to time. The group’s members and their personas are: Trail Boss, aka Kate Friesen;…

Rocky Mountain National Park

Last September, Rocky Mountain National Park celebrated its 100th birthday. Congress created the park on January 15, 1915, a full year before the National Park System itself was created.

The Volunteer Rangers of the Forest Conservancy

As a vacationing family of three approaches Maroon Lake, they spy a table covered with a bearskin, claws, photos and even some scat. The child squeals and runs forward, eager to touch the rough brown fur. “Is it from a real bear?” he asks, round-eyed with wonder.

Greatest Trails of the Roaring Fork Valley

Safety on the trail is of utmost importance. Always obey the rules, have the gear and be prepared for changing weather. Carry snacks to maintain your stamina. Honey Stinger Protein Chews and Snack Bars, made in Steamboat Springs, are great for refueling while being active. These snacks offer non-animal-based proteins that contain all of the essential amino acids your body…

The Mystique of Tools

What is a tool but a thingamabob, something used with the hands and mostly used to make or fix a doohickey, right? Eons ago, tools launched mankind into richer possibility and complexity. Elemental materials such as stone or wood made possible fire, food and shelter. Tools were dang important.

Cowboy Up at the Co-Op!

Summer rodeo season opens June 2, and there's no better excuse to wear rhinestones, beads and Western bling! And there's no better place to round them up than at the newly remodeled Roaring Fork Co-Op. Having just celebrated its grand opening in mid-May, the Co-Op is flush with goodies.

Strawberry Days Goes Back to the Future

Glenwood’s Strawberry Days Festival celebrates its 119th year June 17, 18 and 19 at Sayre Park. The theme for this year’s festival is “Back to the Future.” While the community festival has grown and seen lots of changes throughout its history, the heart of the celebration has remained the same: to gather with friends, welcome visitors and enjoy delicious food,…

The Raptors of Strawberry Days

On the north side of Sayre Park, a rapt group of kids and adults have crowded around an unusual Strawberry Days booth. In front of the white tent, a bald eagle—the familiar bird inscribed on the Great Seal of the United States of America—sits quietly on a wooden perch. Nearby, a large horned owl languidly opens its huge orange eyes…

Preparing for the Outdoor Gym

I have been in the gym business for far too long and I have heard too many creative excuses for not attending one, especially during the summer. “The mountains are my gym,” is a typical quote. I often chuckle at that.

Wally Dallenbach and the Colorado 500

In 1974, professional motorsports racer Wally Dallenbach put his son on the back of his dirt bike and spent the next few days tooling through the San Juan Mountains, exploring their new home state.

Mind Your Line

There’s an old adage: “All fishermen get the same number of bites. The difference between those who catch the fish and those who don’t is whether or not they pay attention to their line.” The fly fishermen among us are already preparing a litany of reasons why this is a woefully incomplete adage, but I think they would all agree…