“Art Shakes the Tree, the Monkeys Fall Out”

I have always considered myself an artist and have stuck up for freedom of expression. Especially my own! My fourth-grade teacher sent me to the principal’s office for mulishly refusing to draw a horse’s ears the way she directed.

The Art of Loafing

I’m sitting at my patio table with my cup of coffee early Saturday morning, trying to get focused on my publisher’s letter. My editor’s threats echo distantly—she wants me to write something about the arts. But my mind is buzzing around like the hummingbird that’s hovering three feet away, staring at me as my wife works her magic with flowers…

Go AuTism Walk Raised Funds and Awareness

More than 75 people turned out for the Western Slope’s first Go AuTism Family Fun Walk in May. Highlighting the healing effects of horses, movement, nature and a supportive community to help kids with autism and veterans with PTSD, the event was at Smiling Goat Ranch. Photos by Katie Hankinson.

Glenwood Arts Camp Gives Kids a Taste of Hawaii

“Welina I Ko Hawaii Pae Aina!” or “Welcome to the Hawaiian Islands.” This summer, the Glenwood Springs Arts Center offered kids 6-12 years old an authentic island experience. Campers hula-danced, played ukulele, sang island chants, created native art and pottery and created lemonade stands. Visit Glenwoodarts.org for additional information.

Around Town

A unique collaborative effort between Fat City Farmers, Pediatric Partners, Mountain Family Health Centers (MFHC) and the Sustainable Foodsheds class at Colorado Mountain College (CMC) has resulted in a new vegetable garden growing on the MFHC grounds in Glenwood Springs. Dr. Becca Percy called on Fat City Farmers for suggestions on how to introduce her young patients to more vegetables.…

An Old-Fashioned July Fourth Gala Returns to Glenwood

After more than five years, the City of Glenwood Springs is reviving the town’s annual Fourth of July Celebration. “It's such a beautiful sight, and I love the community aspect of it,” said Glenwood Springs resident Kimberly Hendrie, who has lived here nearly 20 years. “It brings back childhood memories of getting the extended family together for fireworks, with a…

Dance of the Sacred Fire Lights Up the Night

Maciej Mrotek recalls mopping up after a structural fire as an 18-year old firefighter. While on the hose, dousing flames, his headlamp kept going in and out. A fellow firefighter was chopping at the ceiling ahead. Each time Mrotek’s failing lamp gave way to darkness “the embers were a falling shower. It was gorgeous.”

The Quilting Magic of Terry Lee

As the Brits say, “Look sharp as you enter the roundabout.” And you will—the curves in Terry Lee’s Roundabout are so sharp you could almost cut yourself! As shown in the detail at the left, the boundaries between contrasting shades of orange and blue, green and purple in this complex composition of circles and diagonals are so intense they throb…

Found Art, Finding a Way Into the Heart of the Material

Pulling up to the home of sculptor Jes Sanderford, there’s an immediate sense of the unusual. It’s not just the oil drums of sand along a daunting dirt road that hint at fringe living. It’s not the massive, breathtaking view of Mt. Sopris in your lap. It’s the totality of it all.

Thunder River Theatre Founder Bows Out as Artistic Director

"Don't be hard on yourself, it takes you out of character." That’s Lon Winston’s advice to an actor in Rashomon, the last production of Thunder River Theatre’s 2015-16 season. It’s also the theater’s last season with Winston at its helm.

Chef Jimmy Nadell’s All-Star Barbeque Tips

I encourage you to be creative, design your own unique flavors and try them out on your friends! Homemade barbecue sauces make great gifts. Always store your sauce in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. Most sauces have a great shelf life, but sauces flavored with fresh fruits should be used within one week.

True North Showroom Cooks Up Great Ideas for Hearth and Home

It’s high season for outdoor cooking, and anyone interested in dropping another shrimp onto the barbie—and wondering which barbie to choose—would do well to chat with Wes Ehlers.

Don’t Try Too Hard in Glenwood’s Cruise-a-Thong

Mix one part community bonding, one part environmental awareness, three parts “exercise”, some costumes, hilarity, add a dash of junk food for good measure—and what do you get? If that recipe sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Combine all ingredients, bake on a hot day in July and you’ll get one of the wackiest events to ever grace…

A Love Letter to the Arts

A few years ago, in a very different season, I went to a Christmas caroling party where many people had highfalutin jobs. They were numbers people. Something I most certainly was not. They'd saved lives, designed buildings. They were from further flung places, big cities. Their children spoke several languages and giggled at their own striking accomplishments.