In Praise of Acts of 
Random Kindness

When I moved back home to Colorado in 2011, it was actually the second time I ran away to the Roaring Fork Valley. Both times, my reasons for wanting to hide in the mountains were similar. William Butler Yeats' 1919 poem describing his feelings on the eve of World War I describes mine as well:

The Adventure of a Lifetime

As we sit through this horrible political season, endless commercials, ravings of hatred and division, I’m proposing something that may seem overwhelming at first, but with rewards that are never ending. Years ago, I found a poem that has always resonated with me. This was written in 1934 by Peter Dale Wimbrow, Jr. You might like it too.

Colorado Rocky Mountain School Celebrates New Base Camp

Colorado Rocky Mountain School recently celebrated completion of its new Alpenglow Base Camp. It's the final building in a $10.6 million capital campaign that included two new dormitories, remodeling three others, a new state-of-the-art science facility, a library, a music building and a welcome center. Photos by Renee Ramge.

Making Tracks at the K-9 5-K

In September, the Alpine Animal hospital sponsored its annual K-9 5-K fundraising race. Local residents participated by running with their canine best friends, by jogging with kids and strollers. During the event, shelter dog Jasmine found her new home. 
Photography by Mid Levis.

November 2016 Around Town

A kiva is being built in the public gardens behind True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale. Historically, kivas were underground buildings that were used by Pueblo Native Americans for religious rituals, many of them associated with the kachina belief system. Among the modern Hopi and most other Pueblo peoples, kivas are square-walled, underground structures used for spiritual ceremonies.

Living (and Promoting) a Life of Adventure

Colorado attracts adventurers with its mountains, rivers, lakes, trail systems, wildlife, changing seasons and a laid-back but purposeful lifestyle. When they first get here, the first question is usually, “What adventure do I do first?” What sometimes fails to rate a second thought is the impact that adventure has on our environment and economy—both positive and negative.

Snow and Ice Climber Mary Harlan Thrives at the Edge

Wow, is there ever. As a pregnant snowboarder checking out freestyle skiing, Mary Harlan was ripping and feathering twin tracks down Aspen’s back country within days of giving birth. Two weeks after giving birth to Sam, Harlan ran dirt and rocks, testing the mettle of her new mama-body. Dodging trees around Thomas Lakes at the throat of Mount Sopris, Harlan…

Up, Up and Away in Snowmass

Bennett Bramson, who lives in Basalt and is a realtor and EcoBroker with Sotheby's Realty in Aspen/Snowmass, recently volunteered to help with the 41st annual Snowmass Balloon Festival. It's something he's done before—this is his 14th year—and something he will do again, even though it involves rising before the sun does.

Leah Potts’ First Steps on an Adventure in Visual Arts

In September, Leah Potts sat at an easel at the Art Base in Basalt wielding magenta and turquoise pastels with ease. She worked fluidly: There was no trace of the struggle it took to “walk” into the classroom, drawing herself forward on a cane, her right foot dragging. No trace of the hesitation she might well have felt after a…

Country Rose Rises to the Holiday Occasion

Drawing a blank on holiday gifts? The Country Rose Boutique in Glenwood Springs is stuffed to the rafters with jewelry, purses, home furnishings and creative gift ideas. The holidays transform the store into a magical Christmas wonderland! Everything is hand-picked by the original Country Rose, owner Rose Rauman.

Tom’s Door Opens to Caring

Local student Jesse Case (that’s not his real name) had a rough spring. His mother, Gina, was about to deliver a child and unable to work. His father was not around to help. Jesse was acting out at school and got expelled. Jesse and his mother had not eaten in four days when a Roaring Fork school representative intervened. With…

Hands-On at CMC’s Vet Tech Program

Before the snow flies at the Spring Valley campus, professors and students in the Colorado Mountain College (CMC) veterinary technology program will have spent a lot of hands-on-learning time outdoors with resident farm animals.

November 2016 Faith Reflections

for more information 
or find Defiance Church 
on Facebook, Instagram 
and Twitter. On Easter Sunday this year, pastor Matt Shedden and his family celebrated not one, but two rebirths: that of Christ, and that of their church in Glenwood Springs. Known as Glenwood Mennonite for more than 60 years, the new Defiance Church unveiled a name change and…

A River Runs by It

A river does indeed run by this Basalt home and its guest house. Perched over the Roaring Fork River, this 4.57-acre estate offers private access to Gold Medal fishing for brown and rainbow trout. Nine cascading pools and 2,000 feet of the Roaring Fork River lie below the home, offering views of osprey, bald eagle, blue herron and Canadian geese…

Mountain Family Health Center Expanding in Basalt

“We at Mountain Family Health Centers have been working diligently to expand. We want to be able to provide affordable health care to low-income residents of our region who do not yet have access to our services,” says Ross Brooks, Mountain Family’s chief executive officer. “We believe that access to affordable health care is a human right, not a privilege.”

Turkey Day Tears and Other Woes

We’ve seen it a thousand times: “Freedom From Want,” Norman Rockwell’s 1942 ode to the great American Thanksgiving dinner. There is Grandma in her white apron, clutching a perfectly glazed turkey the size of a small boulder under Grandpa’s smiling gaze. Beside them, a giddy assortment of relatives—all good-looking, mind you—exchange grins across the table as they prepare to devour…