Roaring Fork Leadership Grows Community and Leaders

Each year, the Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) program adopts civic projects that strengthen communities all up and down the Roaring Fork Valley. RFL is sponsored by the Roaring Fork Center for Community Leadership (RFCCL), and it provides more than 100 hours of training and dialogue designed to enhance personal, professional and community problem-solving and effectiveness. Over the past 28 years,…

Caring for Mind, Body & Spirit in Winter

"What's a body to do in the cold?" That's the question that writer Genevieve Villamizar asks this month. Because there's a "Colorado native" sticker on my car's bumper, I've known the answer for years. As a child, I always asked for the same gift for my November birthday. "Make it snow so I can ski!"

Meet the Charles Barkley 
of Indoor Golf

Although I live in the heart of Ski Country USA, I have never been shy about saying that I’m not a cold-weather enthusiast. During my younger days, I did enjoy snowmobiling in Minnesota, which necessarily means frigid temperature and howling winds. But now that there’s a bit of snow on my roof (see portrait photo) I have been working out…

January 2017 Good Times

Tyler Stableford's “The Calling: A Portrait of Life In The High Country” premiered at a December gala at Marble Distilling Company. The documentary shows Roaring Fork Valley locals pursuing their dreams. It stars Master Distiller Connie Baker, cowboy Max Macdonell, and rock climbers Ben Rueck and Mayan Smith-Gobat.

January 2017 Around Town

A crew of dignitaries hoisted seven golden shovels on a gray December day to break ground on 56 affordable housing units in Basalt. Located just beyond the Basalt roundabout, the Roaring Fork Apartments are rising on foundations begun for a proposed hotel that stalled out and went belly up in the 2008 economic downturn. The apartments are being built by…

Winters Beyond a Ski Pass

I grew up with hard-core, bone-deep, cold, wet winters. A formative memory is from my father’s grad school years: University of Iowa, my sisters and I were in grade school. His classes started earlier than ours, leaving us to navigate our mile-long walk alone. Styling full-on snowsuits and puffy moon boots, we were still always cold.

Sunlight Mountain’s Birthday Bash

The year 1966 saw the introduction of Star Trek, The Monkees, Batman, the Toyota Corolla, Twister, AstroTurf, Doritos and Wite-Out. Making its debut on the Colorado scene was a new ski area, now known as Sunlight Mountain Resort. Glenwood Springs’ hometown winter resort is celebrating its 50th year of operation this season and it’s still beloved by locals. Tom Jankovsky,…

It’s Hibernation Season

Winter. While many in the valley look upon this season as one for the slopes, sleds and ice skates, others revere it as a quiet time for reflection and solitude. Welcome to January: the holidays are over, springtime is a distant dream, and evenings are still long and dark. What to do? Crank up the wood stove and settle in…

Stay on Track

We all know how New Year’s Resolutions go. Come January 1, we’re all about it. We’re eating healthy, joining the mass quantities of gym-goers everyday after work and convince ourselves we’ll finally stick with it this time. As the months go by, it gets harder and harder to stay motivated, but this health and fitness gear is so cool you…

Locals Celebrate Thompson Divide Lease Cancellations

When local communities were first alerted in 2004 to leasing in what we now call the Thompson Divide, this incredible landscape didn't even have a name. Now, it’s known nationwide because of what the people of the Roaring Fork Valley have done to protect it. The coalition that formed to rally to the Thompson Divide’s defense included local ranchers like…

“Food Drink Flower”

The diminutive Japanese lady often passed the bearded American guy in the clay studios of the Anderson Ranch Art Center. Soon, the two potters began to acknowledge one another with a smile and a slight bow.

A New Year’s Resolution: Need Less. Love More.

We are naturally wired to help each other. That may be the most exceptional trait of our species. Our collective history is defined by a shared ancestral memory of cooperation, collaboration, empathy and assistance. Things fall apart when we forget that.