Love Where You Live

For the past few months, vehicles with out-of-state license plates have lined my street in downtown Glenwood. Ohio, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, Maryland: all terrific places, yes, but ones where—c’mon, let’s be honest here—the landscapes aren’t quite as exciting as those in western Colorado.

Only in the Valley

We live in an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Options here are over-the-top crazy: bike riding, fly fishing, golfing, paragliding, hiking, skiing, ATVing on the Flat Tops, or just throwing a stick in the river for your dog. We all have one thing in common: As residents in the valley, if we can’t cram all our activities into one weekend or one…


In July, Wilderness Workshop hosted Wildfest at Owl Farm in Woody Creek. The celebration of the nonprofit's work to protect and conserve our public lands featured live music, food, art, kids' activities, and remarks from Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. 
Photography by Eric Allen Photo.

A ‘Great and Glorious’ Game

On a chilly evening in May 2008, during Carbondale’s annual Bonedale Bike Week, a group of bicycle fanatics with the self-proclaimed name Stomparillaz Brigade engaged in a team sport involving riding bikes and using long-handled mallets to hit a ball downfield into a net defended by the opposite team, also on bikes. Similar to horseback polo — the bikes are…

Lift Off 4 LIFT-UP

LIFT-UP celebrated 35 years of service to the community in late June, hosting their annual hot air balloon festival, Lift Off for LIFT-UP, in El Jebel's Crown Mountain Park. Among other activities, two stunning morning ascensions delighted the event's balloon-gazers. Photography by Nicolette Toussaint.

Wild West Fermentation Fest

Roaring Fork Events, along with several local sponsors, recently hosted the second annual Wild West Fermentation Fest in Glenwood. 
Attendees enjoyed fermented Colorado beverages including craft beer, cider, and kombucha. A portion of ticket sales benefited the Glenwood Springs Historical Society. Photography by Bobby Burch and Hannah Arredondo.

August 2017 Around Town

The Carbondale Clay Center (CCC) invites the community to mark it’s calendars early for the organization's 20th anniversary fête at their facility on Saturday, September 9 from 5-9 p.m. The CCC gallery will feature a visual narrative of the nonprofit's history with photographs, newspaper articles, event posters, and other materials collected from the past two decades.

Bridges and Broadcasts

Just as the Crystal River is a vital tributary that flows into the Roaring Fork River, the content provided by the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) is a small but indispensable source of rapid information and entertainment that feeds into the waves of Carbondale’s well-known nonprofit radio station, KDNK. The substance is like water that nourishes, and the programs…

Love It or Hate It: The Roaring Fork Swap

If you’ve ever had something taking up space around your house, this is what many a local will advise you to do if you need it gone. Put that old refrigerator, mattress, camper, crib, bridesmaid dress, or lawn mower on the Roaring Fork Swap and kick back as the offers to whisk it all away come rolling in from across…

Hoppy + Fresh

Perfect for a fresh, deep clean scented with hops. For continuous upkeep and a quick and easy refresher.

Musings of a Modern Forager

There is something indescribable and quietly special about foraging for wild mushrooms. It awakens a hidden drive so dormant that you might not have previously felt its existence. Perhaps it’s a nod to those ancient hunter-gatherer genes, or maybe it’s just one of the most fulfilling ways to experience the natural world as it was meant to be seen. Whatever…

Hold Onto Your “Kapp” – There’s Amish Tourism in Glenwood!

At a Carbondale rodeo, I sat behind a family in old-fashioned garments, the bearded dad garbed in a broad-brimmed hat and suspenders, the womenfolk wearing prairie dresses, white aprons, and starched bonnets. Solemnly pledging allegiance as a rhinestone-bedecked rodeo queen lofted the Stars and Stripes, these seven visitors could have been just another vacationing family celebrating America’s agrarian roots.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Slippery, with bits of “resistance” in the chewing. Tender, juicy. Light; a crispy coating, similar to soft-shell crabs. Or, to others, somewhat like chewing on a slice of batter-dipped, deep-fried cartilaginous ear.

A Midsummer Night’s Scheme

On summer evenings, just as that friendly mountain shadow creeps across downtown Glenwood and brings its merciful shady coolness to all in its wake, I like to go for neighborhood walks. Sometimes I hoof it up the Doc Holliday trail or stroll along Grand Avenue and peek inside the shop windows, but mostly I just meander through the residential streets…