Back to School, Back to the Drawing Board

This is not a letter from this magazine's editor, just a note from her stand-in. This month, I left my artist's studio to come back for an editorial encore performance. The reason? This magazine's real editor, Caitlin Causey, has been attending to a more important assignment—the birth of her first child.

Watching Grown Kids: “Been There, Done That”

As the father of four adult children, I get to sit back and watch as they make their way in the world. I am happy to say they are headed in the right direction. They have established goals and careers. My wife and I “high five” each other thinking that most of our guidance and advice seems to be paying…

September 2017 Around Town

Amanda Boxtel, executive director of Bridging Bionics, took to the stage with Joseph Watson to dance in Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's Dancing with the Stars gala in August. The gala is Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's biggest fundraiser of the year. Watson and Boxtel's performance was captured for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet by photographer Michael Alvarez, who caught even the moment…

Mountain Fair

Carbondale Arts' 46th annual Mountain Fair was a weird, wacky, water-themed celebration. Pies were judged, logs got chopped, aerialists soared, Native Americans and Gaden Shartse monks offered blessings. Not even a downpour could dampen spirits that soared from the opening drum circle to the closing band. Photos by Renee Ramge.

What’s Old is New in Glenwood’s Classic Car Show

Vintage and tuner cars, rate rods, 29 vintage snow machines, a free barbeque and music by Bobby Mason's band made 14th Annual Glenwood Springs Car Show a retro hit. Sponsored by Valley Cruisers Car Club and Vicco’s Charcoal Burger, the event was a great success. Photos by Christie Carver.

Pro TKD Students Take Black Belt Challenge

Recently, local Pro TKD martial arts students, ages 11 to 49, showed their abilities in the 2017 black belt Dan test, vying for second- and third-degree black belts. The PRO TKD Martial Art Center is located in Carbondale under the instruction of Master Doug Fuechsel. Photos by Chuck Maker.

Advocate Safehouse Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Advocate Safehouse marked its 30th anniversary in July and there was much to celebrate. Safehouse, located in Glenwood Springs, has provided 3,647 nights of safe shelter to 1,029 domestic violence survivors and 1,072 children while handling 25,500-plus crisis calls. Photos by Aw Snap Photo and the Personal Responsibility Education Program.

Stage of Life Theatre Puts Spotlight on Youth Performances

Since its first performance in June, 2012, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Stage of Life Theater (SoL) has provided a nurturing stage for Roaring Fork Valley children. When founder Logan Carter started SoL five years ago, she saw theater’s role as more than dazzling productions and limelight.

A Wild Mustang Heads to School in Carbondale

The students involved in the horse program at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) dreamt for months of adopting a wild mustang. In June, their dreams came true. Amanda Leahy, head of the CRMS horse program, spent the school year guiding her students through the planning and proposal process for adopting a mustang. The hope was to secure funds to…

Getting the Most from Your Health Care

In today’s complex health care landscape, it pays to be a vigilant consumer for not only your health, but for your wallet, too. Below are tips and suggestions from several well-respected physicians in the area on ways to stay informed about your health care.

Young Poets Ponder the Meaning of Life

What have you learned about poetry this year? "I’ve learned that poetry isn’t just a boring thing old guys do; it’s something all people can do to express feelings."

JAS Aspen Echos Through the Valley

Two years ago, Basalt teenager Isaac Musselman got to meet Christian McBride after listening to the Grammy-winning jazz bassist perform at a Jazz Aspen Snowmass (JAS) concert in Aspen. As a young musician, Musselman was nervous to play in front of McBride, but the concert inspired him, and his musical 
dedication took a shift.

Visiting Ross Montessori’s Natural Playground

With its verdant hoop house, shaggy berms, and dramatic climbing net, Carbondale’s newest landmark, the Ross Montessori Elementary School playground, stirs the curious soul. With the last stage of their new landscape in place, Ross students, staff and volunteers have created holding space for immersive, experiential learning: a “natural playground.” A significant component of this is a living, dynamic, evolving…

Heading Back to the Barre with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s School

In June, David Gabriel, a 16-year old from Glenwood Springs, was awarded a two-year, full scholarship to Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, a troupe that has been turning out some of the ballet world’s top professional dancers for the past 50 years.

Swept Away

It really does happen that fast, no matter what we teach them or how we warn them. And when it does, on their own, they might be screwed. So we try. Within seconds of scrambling to the river’s edge, we saw my daughter’s muscular, competent body slip from the boulder, disappearing into the dark pull of the Crystal River’s runoff.…