Our Home Is Our Sanctuary

Roaring Fork Lifestyle strives to entertain you with local content. However, we also hope to inspire you by providing creative thoughts for your homes’ interiors, exteriors, and gardens.

Home Organization Tips

When I was a child, I took on the project of transforming our family’s extensive collection of books into a home library . . . and of my own volition! I labeled each book and cataloged them per the Dewey Decimal System. There was a check-out system in an index card box. I monitored the comings and goings of each…

A Labor of Love

I remember the first night in our house quite well. Wall-to-wall boxes were stacked high enough to cover the windows, furniture was shoved in corners, bags of clothes were tossed at the foot of the stairs. The empty pizza boxes on the kitchen counter reminded my husband and me that the friends who had helped us conquer moving day were…

Iron Fly Competition

In January, the Roaring Fork Valley Fly Fishing Club and Roaring Fork Conservancy presented their third annual fly-tying competition in Basalt. Twenty youngsters from Aspen to New Castle competed in the youth division, while 14 local anglers and enthusiasts competed in the adult division. Photography by Roaring Fork Conservancy

March 2018 Around Town

Symphony in the Valley presents two St. Patrick's Day-themed galas at 7 p.m. on March 16 at the Ute Theater in Rifle and March 17 at the Glenwood Springs Community Center in Glenwood. The non-profit symphony, composed of 40 volunteer musicians hailing from across the region, will perform well-known tunes and be accompanied by several vocalists including Michael Schoepe, Warren Lucio, Stephanie…

Bunking Down in Snowmass

How do you fit big, fun-loving families into homes with limited sleeping areas? The solution, according to local designer Nancy Maison, is simple: bunk beds.

A Home with Heart(h)

“We wouldn’t be here without our families and friends,” insists John Patrick. Here is up Four Mile Road in Glenwood Springs and is the second home that John and his wife, Jill (Randall) Patrick have built together. A transplant from Oklahoma, John is a builder by trade and the owner of Osage, a thriving small construction company named after the…

A Family Favorite

"I've been making this recipe since the early '90s," says Heather Lujan, of Heather's Savory Pies and Tapas Bar in downtown Basalt. 
"It's what my grown kids still ask for whenever they come home now."

A Life’s Work

RFL: How did you get into woodworking?
Schlein: I started creating things from an early age. I went from following around the building custodian in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY to building my own home and shop in Carbondale. I’ve had wonderful mentors along the way, receiving advice from some remarkable craftsmen. I’m motivated by the joy of problem solving and…


My approach to decorating a space—be it a shelf, table, or otherwise—is pretty simple. I am inspired by living things and the natural environment, so plants and organic decor play a dominant role in my vision. Pieces you choose to display should feel like they are telling a story: perhaps somewhere you have traveled, a color that speaks to you, or…