The Beat Goes On

Each new year is like a clean slate or a blank canvas. Many of us start out with a host of good intentions, particularly in the areas of health and diet. A new restaurant in Carbondale takes the guesswork out of eating healthy. Virtually everything on the menu at The Beat is good for you.

First Serve

Grab your paddles, Carbondale. This spring, the best new tournament-quality pickleball courts in the region are coming to North Face Park.

Of Enthusiasm and Endurance

Hellooo new decade. Anyone else feeling an inexplicable desire to do something bigger or better, simply because we’re entering the ‘20s?  Whether we’re seeking improved health, career growth, or stronger relationships, the symbolism of a fresh start in January gives many of us a tangible starting line for tackling our ambitions. Treading water in the … Continued

January 2020 Around Town

Dos Gringos Continues Anniversary Giving Campaign During the 52 weeks leading up to its 20-year anniversary in November 2020, Carbondale’s Dos Gringos restaurant is conducting an $11,000 charitable campaign. Each week, a staff member will select a local nonprofit to receive a cash donation based on a percentage of sales. So far, such groups as Ascendigo Autism … Continued

Culinary Arts Fest

In late October, the Glenwood Springs Arts Council hosted its annual food and beverage tasting and fundraiser at the Hotel Colorado. Guests sampled sips and bites from a host of favorite local eateries and beverage producers, and enjoyed live music from Let Them Roar. Photography by Dave Lofland.

Owning It

Many of us struggle to prioritize our health after the indulgent holiday season. In January, when the evenings are so dark and the couch so comfy, the mere thought of getting back into a healthful routine can seem overwhelming. But what if we flipped our perspective, and exchanged that demotivating sense of obligation for a more positive mindset—could that help…

Breathe Easy, Sleep Well

Do you snore? Do you hold your breath while you sleep? Do you wake up gasping for air? Do you feel sleepy during the day? These questions may determine whether you might suffer from sleep apnea.   

Desert Delight

Like butter. That’s how I’d describe the way my muscles felt as the massage therapist kneaded the blend of aromatherapy and CBD oils into my skin. I was in the midst of a 90-minute aromatherapy wrap in the Well & Being Spa at the acclaimed Fairmont Scottsdale Princess—and it was heaven.