Giving An Angel Its Wings

After the tragic death in 2014 of her daughter Anna Wilson, artist Diane Orlov had a life-changing dream. In it, she was being led by an angel, who gave her hope and direction in the midst of despair and loneliness. This dream motivated her, and in the years since, Orlov has been working with hundreds of Roaring Fork Valley residents…

The Art of Healing

“But I’m not an artist.” Sheri Gaynor hears this all the time. In more than three decades working as an expressive arts therapist and licensed clinical social worker, she has seen innumerable clients who don’t believe they possess any creative talent—certainly none that could aid their own healing and growth. 

Abby and the Chocolate Factory

For Abby Mandel, life is indeed like a box of chocolates. Who could have predicted that a lifelong sweet tooth and a Ph.D. in taste perception science would lead her to becoming Carbondale’s new chocolate artist? Certainly not Mandel herself.

Made with Love

RFL: Your studio is a true family operation. Tell us more.